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Knowledge in action - doledge or "do-ledge"


chinwag, campfire, knowledge_sharing

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Of course knowledge is an ingredient of doledge and therefore Alexandrian shelves with all their ranged and searchable knowledge will have their role to play in doledge, no doubt. But quite demonstrably that alone doesn’t result in doledge (again: Defined as being able to make a difference in the real world).

And yet, stories are written up ever since writing was invented (that mother of all story books: the Bible), anecdotes, photos-oh-the-photos and youtubes and all that, and they have proven their worth in nurturing doledge.

So what’s the difference in how to tap the power of science making Alexandrian accounts and experience telling stories? It seems stories can not be recombined as easily and as anonymously as knowledge reports. So, how do we nurture a modern “campfire exchange” and work out how to tap its power?

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