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About Chris Zielinski

Chris is currently a Visiting Fellow at the University of Winchester (UK), where he leads the Partnerships in Health Information (Phi) programme. He is also working on a PhD on knowledge management theory and indicators for measuring the impact of information and knowledge management. His career has included senior positions in UN organizations (mainly FAO and WHO, but also UNIDO, ILO and ITC) for over 20 years, in Vienna, Geneva, Rome, Egypt, India, Zimbabwe and the Congo. He has also been CEO of the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society – the collecting/copyright society for British authors. His fields of expertise are knowledge management, copyright, information/computer ethics, bioethics, health policy/strategy, and media. He holds a BSc in General Science from Queens College, St Andrews (later Dundee University) and an MSc in Management Science/Operations Research from Cranfield University.

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