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About Ann Hendrix-Jenkins

For 25 years, Ann has been working in health, education and organizational development. She has served as a teacher, community health worker, researcher, advocate, communicator, manager and convener/facilitator. Her work has covered a broad range of technical content, including family planning and reproductive health, infectious diseases, maternal health, child health including early childhood development, mental health and community-based approaches.

Over the years, themes have emerged which inform her work: the need to better conceive of the broad range of realities that make up the human experience; the power of participation, dialogue and true collaboration; focus on quality, equity, scale and sustainability; and finally, the utility of systems approaches to catalyze and sustain change. Ann now focuses on the emergence of Knowledge Management as a logical progression for accelerating positive change worldwide.

On the side, she is co-founder of a book company called Boys Camp Books that seeks to offer boys in our culture a wider range of options for personal growth and development. Her favorite hobby is playing women's ice hockey--and hanging out in the locker room after the game with her teammates.

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