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Original Message

From: Mario Marais, posted on 2009/02/20


We have contact with a NGO who has recently started an Internet Cafe in a rural community. The question that they (and we) are interested in is: How can we (without invading privacy) research the types of Internet usage and how it evolves with time. I was thinking about types of use such as:

  • email (web email)
  • banking
  • general news
  • looking for music
  • using information portals (wikipedia, yahoo, ...)
  • searching
  • ...

I was wondering if anyone has done research in this area and can provide insights and experiences?

Meraka Institute, African Advanced Institute for Information & Communication Technology.


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Mario Marais
Suguna Sri
Allison Hewlitt
Patrick Breard
Claire Buré
Matt Moore
Jacqueline Nnam
Eva Schiffer
Amina Singh
Partha Sarker

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