Discussion Report 11 Gauri Salokhe, Paul J Corney - Creating a knowledge framework in a large organisation

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Title of Session

Creating a knowledge framework in a large organisation


Gauri Salokhe gauri.salokhe[at]fao.org Paul J Corney


  • Rutti Goldberger rgolderger[at]ippf.org
  • Eva Schmidt eva.schmidt[at]gmx.ch
  • Charles Dhewa dhewac[at]yahoo.co.uk
  • Prabhu Rajendran prabhu_rajendran[at]yahoo.com
  • Marc Steinlin marc.steinlin[at]i-p-k.ch
  • Josien Kampa josienmkampa[at]yahoo.co.uk
  • Lucie Lamoureux llamoureux[at]bellanet.org
  • Barbara Colling collins[at]ilo.org
  • Sarah cummings sc[at]developmenttraining.org
  • Sophie Treinen Sophie.treinen[at]fao.org
  • Artun Silva artfsilva[at]gmail.com
  • Nadia Loumbeva nadejda_loumbeva[at]yahoo.co.uk
  • Vincent W. Baglire vincent[at]cipesa.org
  • Sybil Chidiac schidiac[at]care.org
  • Catherine Vaillancourt-Lafalmme vaillancourt-laflamm[at]ilo.org
  • Elsa Scholte escholte[at]snvworld.org
  • Carl Jackson c.jackson[at]ids.ac.uk
  • Nabeel Goheer goheer[at]ilo.org
  • Meg Mottaz mottaz[at]ilo.org
  • Olivier Sagna olivier.sagna[at]coesria.sn
  • Daniela Hitchener myparl[at]euractive.com
  • Manuel Flury manuel.flury[at]deza.admin.ch
  • Verele de Vreede vdevreede[at]waste.nl
  • Craig Duncan duncanc[at]un.org

Key Discussion Points

Paul gave a high level presentation on the work Sparknow had done for the Islamic Development Bank helping them to create a practical framework for knowledge that is aligned to their strategic vision. A detailed case study (published in Knowledge Management Magazine) is at http://www.km4dev.org/wiki/index.php/Image:IDB_case_studyv6.pdf#filelinks.

There followed a discussion on the challenges facing FAO in trying to pull together a coherent strategy for knowledge management

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