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What kind of games do exist to show the value of knowledge sharing and to sensitise participants of a workshop?


knowledge sharing, learning, sensitising, games

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Examples in Application

Ideas from the Learning to Fly mailing list:


The classical knowledge game...

Hotpotatoes game

Idea found on

Link to the hot potatoes game:

Millionaire game

Found on

"The Millionaire Game is one of many KM games we use in our Knoco Ltd KM training and engagement sessions. This particular one forms part of our Community Launch program, which we use if we are able to gather more than about 30 of the core community members. It is designed to start to develop the behaviours of asking each other for help and for knowledge (which as you all know is one of the biggest cultural challenges in KM).

It is a game which works best in an auditorium setting, and is in fact one of the few KM exercises that works in such a setting. We ran this a couple of weeks ago with about 50 project managers, prior to launching a Q&A forum and network to support the new Project Manager Community, and it went like a dream. You run the game as follows (allow about 20-30 mins)

- Buy a copy of the millionaire quiz book - Get 2 people up on stage - One is the "pre-KM" person, who has to answer every question on his/her own - The other is the "post-KM" person who can ask the audience to help answer every question - Start with the £4000 questions, a different one to each of the two people, and work up the scale until they fail to answer, or decide to keep the money - Project the questions onto the screen behind the participants - Make sure the "post-KM" person asks the audience every time, and ask for a show of hands for the correct answer - The audience only put up their hands if they really know the answer - If you wish to ensure a successful outcome, prime the "pre-km" person to take a dive about £32,000 - you could also prime the "post-KM" person that you will drop hints as to the correct answer in case the audience are undecided, but hopefully this wont be needed

We managed to get the "Post-KM" person to £half a million, while the other guy failed at £32,000

Steps 9 and 10 are optional "cheating" steps to ensure the game works.

As you can imagine, the game then leads neatly into a follow-up exercise where you discuss how to facilitate and enable this behaviour in the workplace

Hope this helps, email me if you need more details

Nick Milton"

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Thiagi had a great resource on games on his website

Marie Jasinksi in Australia has some great email games

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Agora Exchange

There is a development game that simulates rural development, but I've lost the URL

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