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Michelle Laurie and Nick Ishmael Perkins


  • Catherine Fisher
  • Victoria Richardson
  • Mare Fort
  • Mark Hammersley
  • Susie Prince
  • Karin Samti
  • Nick Ishmael Perkins
  • Michelle Laurie

Key Points

Issues driving discussion:

  • ICT capacity, connectivity, language differences,
  • platforms not working (i.e. outside internet needed)
  • capturing Knowledge for policy influencing
  • field solutions
  • knowledge flows vs. accountability
  • quality control
  • technical experts vs. line managers, vs. communities, etc....power structures
  • maintaining learning loops
  • facilitate horizontal learning first

Group discussion points drawing on issues:

  • facilitate horizontal learning first (i.e. in the field)
  • encourage learning between levels (vertical and horizontal)
  • think about the clients of our clients
  • separate process leadership from content leadership (E. Wenger)
  • role of policy advisor, experts, engagement of different people in the learning community

Potential action points:

  • there is a group that would like to take forward an action learning KM series of activities based around common learning questions that override the differences in our organisations (i.e. can work across development, health, environment, etc).
  • create a thread around this topic within the KM4DEV community
  • set learning questions
  • review existing KM4DEV FAQs to see what exists and what gaps need to be filled
  • explore ACTION AID experience (they have maybe gone through this process and have stuff to share, i.e. ALPS).
  • propose and invite participants into virtual action learning projects that respond to questions


  • this could align with Knowledge Expedition idea in that it is a long term inquiry based on collaboration between different organisations (who might not normally partner or collaborate)
  • needs to be a discussion among group members and Carl from IDS how we might operationalise this idea. (by August 15th)
  • Temporary contact person is Michelle until more formalised plan is made in the next month. Email michelle.laurie AT