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This page collects suggestions for improvements of the KM4Dev Wiki

Open suggestions

Add "Featured Activity" box in the homepage

To make the wiki a little more lively, we could have a regularly updated box with a featured project or event. For example, this month's featured activity could be the CTLab. Graphically, we could move the boxes Projects and Advanced Search respectively under Discussions and Members. This would leave space to have a tall box for the Featured Activity on the right, with an image, a short description and the link to the activity's page. (by Davide Piga)


  • Problem with who would update this and how often. (Riff Fullan)

Add "Recent Discussions" box in the homepage

We could have a self-updating (need to verify) box in the homepage with links to the last 3 discussions that have been summarized on the wiki. (by Davide Piga)