KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2014-12-01

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- KM4Dev Futures: what next? Landing page? Summaries Rome and The Hague? Practicals to share now in community? Share more on outcomes in community? - How, when, what to ask from community? - Volontary contributions: any news from Riff? - KM4Dev Going Local <> development of an App. - Feedback on Last CoreGroup minutes - Next meeting


KM4Dev Core Group Meeting – Skype 01 Dec 2014

Participating: Riff, Carl, Peter, Jaap, Davide (chat only) Notes: Peter Apologies: Pier, Jasmin, Melissa

KM4Dev futures

We did not discuss in depth as Pier who had reviewed all documentation was not available to comment on his written summary. There is a landing page at: On the summary of key points / more digested content we would like to take up Pier’s offer on this. After this we can look to take forward suggestions 3 and 4. We can then go back to the community on the key points. If we could do this face to face, it would be all the better. Probably through piggybacking on another event (e.g. ILO Peter is following up a lead on this)

From Pier

I'm afraid I have to apologize. Working at such time difference from the rest of the CG, it is not always easy for me to arrange a call at short notice - and today I can't really make it! However, I've done a bit of homework about the futures conversation, and here's what I found:

1. As I'm sure you know, we have a lot of content on the wiki and several pages, under the category KM4DevFutures. But I am not sure we have a landing page, linked from the main navigation, that presents key contents in a digested way. 2. The notes from the F2F meetings in The Hague and Rome are also *very* rich, but long-ish - maybe we need a summary of key points/some more digested content? Plus, they need some tidying up of comments/suggested editing. 3. From both meetings, there are some recommendations (also very practical ones) for the Community and the CG. Maybe we should see if there's any that the CG should already bring back to the community? 4. I also went back to the discussion on Dgroups and in fact there hasn't been much exchange about the outcomes of these meetings for what I could see. So we should think about how and when to do it - and what we want to ask to the community.

I hope this helps - am happy to work on point 1 and 2 if you think this will be useful - I have some time Thursday and Friday for this.

Action: suggesting Pier to work on point 1 and 2 and come back on this before next Coregroup meeting. action: Peter to contact Kees van de Ree at ILO

Voluntary contributions

Riff is cautiously optimistic. Meeting with main Helvetas contact who can make it all happen this Wed. 3 December. Main question is this something set up within Helvetas system or just on the Ning. Helvetas has created a KM4Dev-specific Paypal account. If on the Ning then would need help from someone with those skills. We could do either. Perhaps if a choice we go for whatever would make the back end for accounting and reporting work most robustly. Question if Paypal would allow just one person to administer or more than one person. It may be safest to have one admin as risk of things going wrong. As with previous KM4Dev project activity, Helvetas will charge a 10% admin fee on all expenditure from the account. We should put on the donations page that 10% of their donation will be absorbed in administration of the fund. We will not be able to issue tax receipts for the contributions because KM4Dev is not a legal entity and anyway there are too many tax jurisdictions. So need to say this too. In order to pay people out of the fund, if they have a paypal account themselves we can pay via Paypal. Funds coming into the Paypal account for KM4Dev run by Helvetas will be held in Helvetas official bank account. Riff will report to the CoreGroup on his internal meeting very shortly.

Action: Riff to report on PayPal to Coregroup.

KM4Dev going local

Build landing page on Wiki Suggest local groups to create their group on Ning Announcements on dGroup All accessible and useable through a future App. for smartphones.

We should promote the Core Group more and more interactive discussion with wider community. Best if a personal email is sent to the community fairly regularly. We should make a KM4Dev App to get with the kids way of working - maybe have a competition to develop an App and crowdsourcing for financing. People are always on their phones these days. WhatsApp is a potential also. The key thing is to make the contributed content searchable. What do we want such a tool to offer? Would be good if connected to the resources we already have. We would need a proposal that synthesised the crowdsourced ideas into a few options.

Action: Jaap, Peter and … to develop the App idea

Feedback on Last CoreGroup minutes (Dilipsing Bayas) need to constructively engage more people on groups. need to prepare discussion reports on important topics discussed in mailing list need to integrate KM with Monitoring and Evaluation and Gender Mainstreaming so probably introducing new section on KM4Dev need for formation of coordination groups to initiate variety of discussions on KM4Dev using mailing list and network to develop summary notes

We need to respond to this message. Yes great ideas, you have the freedom to take these forward and here is existing community practice on the suggestions you’ve made. Carl volunteers to do this regarding the recent email

Action: Carl to respond.

Next meeting

aiming for mid January 2015

Action: Peter and/or Jasmin to open Doodle early January 2015. ---