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About KM4Dev related Events

This is you entry point to events organized by KM4Dev and/or by it's partners, relevant to what KM4Dev is all about. This entry point "Events" is also a new menu item in the left-hand side column. We intend to provide access to documents and links to further info produced in the context of events. Events listed in a chronological order, with the most recent / future ones on top. As this section of the wiki is new (created in January 2017), it will take some time before the repository becomes comprehensive. Anyone willing to assist is invited to contact Peter J. Bury or other KM4Dev Coregroup members through

Chronology of KM4Dev related Events

KM4Dev 20 years celebrations in 2020

File:KM4Dev 20years.jpg

24hr World Wide Space Online

On 2 and 3 July 2020 KM4Dev offers a 24 hours World Wide Space online with a rich programme of sessions spread over the various timezones around the planet. The full programme is available on a dedicated website 2&3 July KM4Dev 20th Anniversary Celebrations. At the end of session 1 at 16:00 CEST July 2nd a parallel informal Coffee Room will be open for all participants in a separate Zoom Room for informal and unstructured exchanges. This Coffee Room will remain open until the beginning of the closing party session nr. 10 at 15:00 CEST.

(update: final text will be available by 25 July 2020 latest)

Thematic conversations throughout 2020

KM4Dev OnlineOpenSpace_02 21 june 2018 across the planet

We would like to encourage you all to take a break from what you normally would do today. Join us in the second global KM4Dev Online Open Space. If only to help us all to learn and share about how to go about running an interesting global online open space on KM4Dev, maybe around topics that are relevant to people that participate in a global CoP!? Share and contribute across social media using the #km4devoos2 hashtag. Here are a few useful links:

Lets enjoy and discover together, Pier and Peter

KM4Dev 2017 Harare

KM4Dev Harare 2017 - KM4Dev gathering in Harare, Zimbabwe 25–26th July 2017

Social reporting on the event

The event is documented by a series of files which you can find on the KM4Dev Harare 2017 page.

Theme Invisible CoPs

A KM4Dev gathering in Harare (25 – 26 July 2017) seeks to inspire various actors and disciplines to engage and learn from the practices of informal food CoPs. While relationship-based food demand and supply models are increasing in many developing countries, lack of coherent knowledge pathways limits the extent to which these CoPs can influence development practice, theory and national food policies. Part of what remains unknown and unappreciated is informal food CoPs’ motivations, dynamic practices and contribution to regional and international food systems. From farmers to consumers or end-users, more than 70 percent of African food passes through informal food CoPs in informal markets. These CoPs and markets have become powerful sources of knowledge for farmers, traders and other actors. During the Harare KM4Dev gathering, participants will be immersed in Mbare Informal food market in Harare where more than a dozen knowledge pathways have been identified: farmer to farmer; farmer to trader; trader to farmer; trader to trader; farmer to transporter; transporter to farmer; trader to transporter; consumer to farmer; consumer to trader; trader to financier and many others.

The event hopes to generate reflections and answers to the following questions: • How do informal food CoPs respond to the needs of diverse consumers and knowledge seekers? • What could be the potential role of culture in shaping food demand and supply models? • To what extent do existing theoretical approaches and concepts around food speak to the peculiar roles of informal food CoPs and traders? • How do informal food CoPs and traders negotiate power and neutralize the politics of food? • How can the development sector harness informal knowledge sharing pathways that are used by the majority of African food producers and suppliers to make decisions? • What can we learn from the way knowledge travels through informal food supply models? • How can we recognize invisible CoPs that make informal agriculture markets resilient? • How can we use the KM4Dev toolkit and other approaches to learn from the informal food market? When the event is over, our collective achievements should include the following: • We will have discovered new and immediately useful sources of agricultural knowledge that is all around us. • We will have explored and applied the Wenger-Trayner value creation framework with a local knowledge perspective. • New theories and interpretations of the social, economic, ethical, cultural and political characteristics of food systems will have germinated among the participants.

I look forward to your thoughts/ideas/questions/contributions or any resources that can demonstrate how our agenda touches many parts of the globe.

Contact: Charles Dhewa Knowledge Transfer Africa & emkmbooc/


Plans for the very first KM4Dev Harare gathering (25 - 26 July 2017) are powering forward. If you can't join us physically, there are several ways in which you can participate, thanks to ICTs. However, I will be grateful if you can give yourself permission to be present or contribute to our agenda in various ways. Ahead of the event, I am particularly keen to hear how issues in the agenda drop in your box. Having briefly stayed in Italy and witnessed how lunch and eating-out are such big deals in that country, it is my suspicion that informal food CoPs could be prevalent in many parts of the world. I will be happy if you can mirror our Harare agenda below to your context and send me insights about what is happening where you live:

Climate change-induced food insecurity and global socio-economic instability compels us to continuously revisit food demand and supply models, especially in developing countries. In many African countries, conventional approaches like the notion of formal value chains are no longer enough to fully understand food systems. It seems invisible Communities of Practice (CoPs) such as informal markets and relationships offer new pathways of forging new relationships and interpreting reality around food. These CoPs do not present food as a mere market commodity but demonstrate the extent to which food is linked to people’s identities. While all these aspects influence food demand and supply, modern value chain approaches seem limited to the economic sense and tend to over-simplify soft issues like knowledge, trust and relationships. Yet in most African informal markets, knowledge sharing adds more value than processing commodities into finished products. By fostering knowledge exchange between different commodities and people, informal markets build national food baskets supported by different food sources and values.

KM4Dev OnlineOpenSpace_01 14 june 2017 across the planet

We would like to encourage you all to take a break from what you normally would do today. Join us in the very first global KM4Dev Online Open Space. If only to help us all to learn and share about how to go about running an interesting global online open space on KM4Dev! Here are a few useful links: How to join the open space on Adobe Connect Overview of people, topics, countries and more on Awesome Table it is easy to register yourself with a google account Actually join the open space on Adobe Connect For questions and more you may join (temporarily) the KM4Dev CoreGroup permanent chat on Skype.

Lets enjoy and discover together, Peter

KM4Dev April 6-7 2017 Seattle, Washington STATE, USA

Nancy White and friends are organizing a KM4Dev event with Communities of Practice as a central theme in Seattle on 6-7 April 2017. Here are the details: KM4Dev Seattle 2017

K4D 2017 Geneva Conference

The KM4Dev2017Geneva day on April 2nd 2017 (see event below), will be followed by the Knowledge for Development, Global Partnership Conference held in the Palais des Nations, E-Building, room XXIV 3-4 April 2017. All the details on this page K4D2017Geneva.

KM4Dev 2017 Geneva

Andreas Brandner, Sarah Cummings, Peter J. Bury and friends are proposing a KM4Dev event the day before and in synergy with the Knowledge for Development: Global Partnership Conference 2017 in Geneva from 3-4 April 2017, see: K4D2017Geneva. The KM4Dev day is scheduled for Sunday 2 April. All information about the Sunday April 2nd day can be found here KM4Dev2017Geneva.

KM4Dev 2016 Vienna

The KM4Dev 2016 day was organized at the end of a number of Knowledge for Development Summits held in Vienna in October 2016, organized by Knowledge Management Austria (KM-A) and partners.

Sources of information about other events

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KM4Dev Ning Events list: (Click here for RSS Feed) This is the events list every KM4Dev member is encouranged to post events which could be of interest to the KM4Dev community. In addition, some organizations and websites as well as individual KM colleagues are maintaining their own list of KM events:

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