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We all get a great deal out of our engagement in KM4Dev. Maybe you would be happy to express appreciation through a voluntary contribution. Crowd funding works!

Click here to Donate

The PayPal site provides further indications. The link to Helvetas brings you back to our page

Supporting the KM4Dev community and organizing activities incurs costs. Not the time of our volunteers, as they give their time freely! However, our community platforms - e.g. dGroups, Wiki, Ning - do cost a modest amount each year. While most of our online activities do not require funding, some of our face-to-face events (especially support to those with limited resources to participate) do require funding, as do occasional special projects like the Innovation Fund in previous years. While KM4Dev has managed to secure project-based support and occasional 'core funding' support, there is a growing feeling that in order to be a truly independent community, KM4Dev should explore self-funding options. Many of us get a great deal out of our engagement in KM4Dev. Maybe you are one of those who do see a lot of added value. Maybe you would be more than happy to express your appreciation through a voluntary contribution. And...crowd funding works!

On this page, all KM4Dev members and others interested have the possibility to donate! Once only, or better regularly, yearly, flexibly...

The Core Group will make sure that amounts received and the way funds are spent are fully accounted for at least once a year. Please hold us to account!

It would be great if this triggers you to join in and contribute. Recommendations as to how to best use our funds are always welcome. Donations we collect will be used for:

  • Supporting face-to-face and online KM4Dev events;
  • Providing funding for KM/KS-related outputs of interest to the community;
  • Supporting targeted KM/KS research;
  • Paying our website/domain hosting fees;
  • (co)Sponsoring KM4Dev members with limited resources to actively participate in face-to-face events;
  • and more... you are welcome to propose new ideas.

The use of donations to KM4Dev is overseen by the volunteer KM4Dev Core Group. If you would like to contact the [[Core Group Members |Core Group]], please send an email to km4devcoregroup[at]

Please note, you will not receive a formal tax receipt for your donation as the KM4Dev community is not a registered charity.

On behalf of all of us in the community we express our gratitude to Helvetas that offers to host and administer the PayPal facility for KM4Dev.

Your dedicated Core Group members.

PS. It was suggested that we should illustrate here the richness of KM4Dev activities throughout the years and; that we provide specific links to highlights. The idea was that this would help to make you aware about the value of being part of KM4Dev. But... do you really need that? Havn't you explored this Ning platform; made active or passive use of the dGroup; contributed at some time as (local) KM4Dev volunteer, learning and sharing with others; used the Wiki; explored the rich collection of video, images, toolkits; made new friends; build new networks? We are sure you did and do! Go and click on the Donate button. Thank you on behalf of all of us.


Attribution: please note that, as acknowledgement we will regularly publish an updated list of KM4Dev financial contributors (names only, without donation amounts or any contact details). If you would not like your name to be published, please inform the KM4Dev Core Group via one of its members or via KM4DevCoregroup [at] dgroups [dot] org.