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Guidance on KM4Dev moderation

This page is to help us figure out how to build a shared facilitation and moderation practice for KM4Dev

Click on discussion TAB above to see a discussion page sharing moderation experiences and issues (started by Peter B)

Schedule of monthly volunteer KM4Dev administrators, newest on top

The list of monthly KM4Dev administrators is available on Doodle See the former (2016) Doodle
Past volunteers
* October 2012 Lucie Lamoureux and Peter J. Bury

* December 2011 

* November 2011 Mark Hammersley & Maarten Boers & Peter J Bury all using contact[at]km4dev[dot]org for contact and admin purposes

* October 2011 Peter J Bury & Maarten Boers via contact[at]km4dev[dot]org

* September 2011 Lucie Lamoureux

* August 2011 Nancy White & Ana Maria Ponce

* July 2011 Natalie Campbell & Ewen LeBorgne(tentatively)/ Pete Cranston (after July 10)

* June 2011 Bev Trayner & Simone Staiger

* May 2011 Pete Cranston & Lucie Lamoureux

* April 2011 Ewen LeBorgne & Peter J. Bury

* March 2011 Ana Maria Ponce & Ewen LeBorgne

* February 2011 Bev Trayner & Charles Dhewa

* January 2011 Peter J Bury & Lucie Lamoureux

* December 2010 Pete Cranston & Bertha Camacho

* November 2010 Sebastiao Feirreira & Camilo Villa

* October 2010 Simone Staiger & Peter Hobby

start of working with monthly volunteer km4dev administrators

Identification of Tasks/Estimates of time needed/skills needed

1 - Facilitation

  • Work with any conflicts or group norm issues on the email list/NING
  • Read every message to look for issues (daily or every other day)
  • Encourage summarization on wiki and post occasional topic-related messages
  • As we approve any job postings to the Dgroup we also email the member directly to say:

"Please also post your job to the KM4Dev Jobs Centre here: You need to be a member of the KM4Dev site to do that and if you're not already you can sign up here:"

Time needed: depends on the week (and the number of messages) but roughly 2-4 hours per week

2 - Moderation/Admin

  • DGroups - approve/reject accounts via email, watch for spammers and Google email addresses/names if suspect, explain how to subscribe/unsubscribe/use digests format, dealing with technical issues, liaison with WA Research. CHECK the Dgroups for possible unapproved emails on the Dgroups interface AT LEAST once a week.
  • NING - approve members, photos, events, blog posts, etc., watch for spammers and Google email addresses/names if suspect
  • Wiki - create accounts, coordinate w/ Davide's update of the wiki (ties to summarization), dealing with technical issues, liaison with Greenet
  • LOTS of explaining about the different tools, why they are not one and the same, why there are multiple passwords and providing lost passwords

Time needed: can get quite intensive, 1 to 2 hours per day

3 - Community Leadership

  • Coordination w/ Core Group (convening calls, making sure minutes get posted, shared w/ larger community)
  • Liason with other communities/students/journalists/etc. who are interested in featuring KM4dev on website, blogs, community profiles (i.e. "represent KM4dev")

Time needed: depends on what is happening (i.e. Core group meetings, KM4dev workshops, queries, etc.) but can be 1-10 hours per month

4- Other Issues

  • Helping make community norms/rules visible
  • As needed, create resources to facilitate participation (i.e. tools to avoid cyberstalking)
  • Need for better orientation of new members

Time needed: at least a day (8 hours) should spent working on these

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This page is aimed to explain how the moderation of the KM4Dev mailing list takes place from both a technical and substantial perspective.

The KM4Dev mailing list is powered by DGroups, a mailing list platform dedicated to the development sector. The KM4Dev mailing list has its own online portal reachable at:

For normal users, the interface includes the following tabs:

DGroups interface - 1.png

For admins, the interface includes an additional tab called "Admin":

DGroups interface - 2.png

In KM4Dev, the moderation...