Monitoring Impacts of Project reports and other written outputs

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From: Grant Ballard-Tremeer, posted on 2009/02/18

I'm currently trying to develop a methodology for monitoring the impacts of project reports, policy briefs and other briefing papers. In one particular project which is producing these sorts of products we could quite easily track dissemination - where copies generally go, how many copies are distributed, potentially even who downloads/receives what - but that tells us little about who actually *reads* the reports, and even less about whether anyone uses them.

While this is clearly related to the earlier discussions on the monitoring of networks we haven't yet identified much best practise in this specific area.

Any suggestions and experiences would be warmly welcomed.


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Grant Ballard-Tremeer
Jane Lennon
Peter J. Bury
Simon Hearn

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