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From: Riff Fullan, posted on 2009/03/04

ear all,

I'm currently looking at possibilities to institute a Knowledge Sharing award within Helvetas, and I would like to know if anyone has advice based on similar experience or could point to some interesting sources (I thought there was a discussion around this earlier on the km4dev list, but I couldn't find it). In a nutshell, we're thinking about this award as one of a number of ways to promote a stronger KS culture. We are hoping that recognizing outstanding examples of contributing to such a culture would not only encourage individual champions, but it would also give others a strong message that the organisation truly values this kind of thing.

On the award itself, the current thinking is to make an organisation-wide announcement of the recipient as well as to provide s/he with a small amount of funding that could hopefully allow them to spend a few weeks in a different Helvetas country office to learn from and with colleagues in a different national context.

Coming up with criteria is the biggest immediate challenge. They would presumably depend partly on whether it would be an individual (most likely) or a team (also possible) that could be a recipient, but some possibilities include (with an assumption that these are recognized by others in a team, department, programme, etc. Also, that the criteria would apply both to purely internal work and working with partners):

  • demonstration of outstanding collaborative work (e.g., pro-active information sharing, provision of assistance to others, sharing stories, etc.)
  • creating new KS/learning opportunities or tools
  • introducing new and more effective ways of working together
  • playing a mentor role
  • championing and/or facilitating greater KS in the project/programme/office environment
  • helping to reduce workload through more effective KS
  • creating tools/techniques which increase adaptability to new circumstances
  • participating actively in ongoing interactions

Any ideas that could help us move toward an appropriate and limited list of criteria? I would like to end up with a handful of criteria that would be accompanied by examples and could be both readily understood by all staff and used by the award committee to come up with the single recipient.

Coordinator, HELVETAS.


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Riff Fullan
Andrea Pape-Christiansen
Sam Lanfranco
Lawrence Wasserman
Ernst Bolliger
Peter J. Bury

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