Impacts of the current Global Economic Crisis on the field of Knowledge Management

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Original Message

From: Beverly Trayner, posted on 2008/10/13

Hi all

I've been wondering about the effects of the economic crisis - and its accompanying shift in mindset(s). What effect will it have on us, our work practices and our employability?

The jobs we hold between us include: development work for NGOs, governments, international organisations, consultants, academics, IT specialists, hybrids and others...

The kinds of things I've been wondering about are:

  • Is the current climate good/bad for us in the short/long term?
  • Is this current climate good/bad for our constituents and/or clients in the short/long term?
  • Should we (in KM4Dev) be working as a network to act strategically in these circumstances? If so, how?

My tentative conclusions go along these lines: this is a time to be building - among ourselves and among our constituents - strategic capacities. More than ever I think we need to be developing strategic capacities for learning - and strategic capacities for taking action.

I'm not always certain what that means concretely. I'd love to know what it means, if anything, for people in KM4Dev?

Or: what other thoughts have people had about their own work contexts in relation to what's happening in the world economy and what will be happening in the future?


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Beverly Trayner
Barbara Weaver Smith
Jaap Pels
Nancy White
Andrew Dale

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