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Wikis are quick to edit, but they do require a simple syntax for formatting. Use the formatting buttons (found at the top of the editing window) while editing the document for basic formatting. See below for more advanced formatting options.

Wiki Editing Basics

Start editing

To start editing a page, click on the 'edit' link at the top of the page to have the whole page as editable text or in one of the sections to just have the respective section as editable text. This will bring you to the edit page: a page with a text box containing the wikitext: the editable source code from which the server produces the webpage.

Preview before saving

When you have finished, press preview to see how your changes will look -- before you make them permanent. Repeat the edit/preview process until you are satisfied, then click "Save" and your changes will be immediately applied to the page.

Starting New Pages

To start a new page, simply create an internal link to the page. Typing this: [[New Page]] results in this: New Page. The link will appear in red, meaning it's a new page which doesn't yet exist. Click on the red link and add content to your new page.

Wiki Editing Tips

Description What You Type What it Looks Like
'''Bold text'''
Bold text
''Italic text''
Italic text
single newlines
no effect
single newlines have no effect
double newlines


have effect


have effect

Sections (large)
== Section headings ==
Section headings

Sections (medium)
=== Subsection ===
Sections (small)
==== A smaller subsection ====
A smaller subsection
Bulleted lists
* the goat is green
* the elephant is pink
* the monkey is orange
  • the goat is green
  • the elephant is pink
  • the monkey is orange
Numbered lists
# Turn right after the park.
# Walk for 5 blocks.
# Find the school on the left.
  1. Turn right after the park.
  2. Walk for 5 blocks.
  3. Find the school on the left.
Links to internal pages
[[Help:Contents]] or [[Help:Contents|Help Main Page]]
Help:Contents or Help Main Page
Links to external pages
[ Help page on Wikimedia]
Help page on Wikimedia

For a full list of editing syntax, visit the official help page for this wiki platform: