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Original Message

From: Matt Moore, posted on 2010/04/12


I'd like to know if anyone on this list has come across an organization that they think is using either knowledge management or organizational learning principles in a genuinely strategic way - i.e. it's actually influencing the strategic direction of the organization.

If you would like to put forward your own organization then that is fine (but I may be a little sceptical).

The reason for this request is there's a part of the book that I'm writing where I want to explore this situation (although anything you send to me publicly or privately will be not be published without your permission).


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Matt Moore
Wini Dagli
Jessica Robbins
Bakhtiar Ali
Joitske Hulsebosch
Jaap Pels
Josef Hofer-Alfeis
Nerida Hart

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Detailed Description

[the meat of the topic – clearly, crisply communicated summary of the topic. Where relevant, a brief story – no more than 1-2 paragraphs - of how this topic has been turned into practice, ideally from the KM4Dev archives? If the example is long, separate into a separate subsection]

Examples in Application

Suggested case studies include:

  • Alliance for Financial Inclusion - AFI is the first global knowledge-sharing network designed exclusively for financial inclusion policymakers from developing countries. They are relatively new in the financial inclusion sector with good KM practice at the heart of their existence.
  • CGAP - CGAP is an independent policy and research center dedicated to advancing financial access for the world's poor.
  • Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme - The Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) is a Pacific-wide programme helping provide sustainable financial services to low income households.
  • WHO's approach in eradicating smallpox, by learning from experiences from field workers on the ground, which made them adapt their initial strategy.
  • ECDPM - ECDPM is an independent foundation, legally constituted in the Netherlands, and began operations in 1986. Its focus is to help build an effective partnership between the European Union and Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP), particularly related to development cooperation. ECDPM engages in facilitating policy dialogue, creating understanding of processes and institutions and building capacity.
  • Knowledge for Regional NRM Program - The 5 pilot regions involved in this "Land & Water Australia’s Knowledge for Regional NRM program" were all looking to use the KM strategy to address issues at the organisational level.

Recommended Resources

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