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Description of Project

Bellanet would like to initiate the development of an online resource to be used by our partners working in international development who are interested in the use of approaches that promote knowledge sharing within groups, teams or communities. While we envision a large collection of flash learning modules as part of the resource, we think that it is realistic to start small by developing a single module on the Peer Assist. A Peer Assist is an event which brings together individuals to share their experiences, insights and knowledge on an identified challenge or problem (more information and stories on the PA can be provided). Over the past few years, Bellanet has experimented, quite successfully, with the Peer Assist process. We have introduced it in a number of different settings - as part of the curriculum in Knowledge Sharing workshops (for KS facilitators), in learning events, in organisational wide meetings etc.

While PA resources exist (see the book ""Learning to Fly"" by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell), we believe that a flash learning module, done well, could be more informative and useful in developing the capacity of those wanting to introduce or facilitate a Peer Assist process.

The Centre for e-Learning at the University of Ottawa is generously supporting the development of the module in collaboration with Bellanet. Others are welcome to join in - please contact

Module Script: We are currently working on developing the script for the module.

Nov 17 Meeting minutes: These include suggested edits and additions based on the first showing of the module, issues to be addressed ie. where to host and some recommendations for next time.

Dec 12 Meeting notes: These were agreed on follow-up items from the meeting

Summary Page: This one pager outlines key points or peer assist takeaways as well as information on the project.

Feedback on the Peer Assist: This page outlines feedback received to date on the Peer Assist module.