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Original Message

From: Michèle Marin, posted on 2010/06/28

Dear collegues

We are searching for a more recent and accurate alternative to Maslow's motivation model ( as a starting point for indicators of basic human needs to visualize progress in disaster assistance in the context of humanitarian aid. There is for instance the International Definition and Mesurement of Levels of Living, an Interim Guide, New York 1961, but it is unfortunaltely rather outdated. I am grateful for any hint...


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Michèle Marin
Laurie Adams
Servane Crave
Don Kildebeck
Tarit Kumar Datta Gupta
George de Gooijer
Benjamin Kumpf
Brian Foster
William Cowie
Jon Lebkowsky

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