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Original Message

From: Juliana Caicedo, posted on 2010/08/06

Hi everyone,

A newcomer to this group, I’m looking forward to participating in many interesting conversations. I’d like to start by consulting you on an issue I’ve been struggling with: what would be a rigorous (almost scientific?) yet light enough methodology/approach to capturing lessons learned throughout the project cycle. As humans, we all have our own perceptions and biases, so I’m looking for a way to minimize those and extract lessons from an intervention that can become valid/solid evidence to inform a new program /project, perhaps in a different context. I believe that a methodology that is too heavy or cumbersome will just discourage people from properly reflecting and capturing their lessons learned for the good of the organization, but I also think that rigour is important if we are to use those lessons to inform decision making.

Grateful for any insights and experiences that you’d like to share with me.



All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Juliana Caicedo
Atanu Garai
Nancy White
Arthur Shelley
Juliana Caicedo
Ian Thorpe
Manuel Flury
Christina Merl
Jaap Pels

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