A discussion about how choosing and getting prepared to work with a CMS?

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Today, after getting more familiar with each other, we had a nice discussion on the need for CMS (Content Management System) training (both for the simple user updating the content and the programmer customizing the web site structure).

Everyone agreed on the fact that we, regardless of what our organization is, were lacking skills to use CMS-s properly. This is why an initiative was launched … let’s propose commonly to our management some staff training in CMS.

You will answer to this “OK for a training but which CMS software should we focus on??” and you are right in doing so!!! Typo3, Drupal and Joomla were massively mentioned but the choice has not been done yet (although some complaints were raised about the lack of autonomy for Typo3 users).

This led us to the conclusion that it would be worth creating a sub-mailing list for those of us interested in participating in a joined-training in one of these CMS -s (to be defined at a later stage). So please, if you want to be updated on this initiative, respond to this email and we’ll follow-up only with those of you who are interested.

Another interesting step forward would be to create a KM4DEV Rome-based Dgroup (we’ll let you know more about it in the following days) to manage our growing mailing list.

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