What KM4dev Community Activities do we need to support?

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What KM4dev Community Activities do we need to support?

The following indicates broader activity areas followed by comments of TAG members. The broader activity areas also build upon research that Nancy White and some of her colleagues have been doing in regards to online collaboration as a guideline to assist in the grouping of TAG feedback.

( Open-ended Conversations )

  • A communication mechanism for the exchange of experiences and a space to be able to ask for help / solutions for ones own problems
    • related with the challenges people are facing in their work
    • this is a big part of who we are, this back and forth, those discussions/exchanges
    • to learn what km4dev-ers are doing
    • education and career development, to learn from the kmdev community
    • online Discussion tool (currently DGroups)
    • the discussion of some issues, more conceptual, where the participants express the state of their reflections.
    • increasing participation from people in emerging markets
  • Blogs (individual participation/voice)
  • Member/participant feedback and decision making
    • polling,voting
  • Highlighting key learning
    • wiki knowledge base
  • Subgroups/privacy - Supporting for ad-hoc working groups, sub-communities and teams
    • private - whose proceedings are not automatically distributed to the entire community, but which are accessible to those who wish to see them.
    • private spaces (at least for this type of discussion) that is not public and indexed by search engines so people feel more compelled to share their opinions
    • these sub-groups may have different working methods from the main community - in particular they will need to reach conclusions from their discussions.
  • Translation between languages
    • parallel discussions in other languages

( Meetings )

  • Member/participant feedback and decision making
    • polling, voting
  • At-a-distance participation in a face-to-face meeting
    • conferencing calls
    • online meetings
    • sharing presentations
  • Collaborative note-taking for online or face-to-face meetings
    • wiki
  • Archiving
    • past km4dev workshops

( Content ) - Creating and accessing information

  • Uploading and sharing document files
    • sharing content/expertise/documents/photos/audio/video/
    • KM4D Journal
  • Commenting on, annotating, and discussing content
    • learning from the knowledge base
    • KM F.A.Q.
    • KM4dev Job Centre
    • currently have website and wiki
    • to be able to collaboratively contribute
  • Shared events/calendar
  • Archiving
    • past km4dev workshops

( Projects )

  • KM4D Journal
  • KM F.A.Q.

( Access to expertise )

  • A space to be able to ask for help / solutions for ones own problems
    • related with the challenges people are facing in their work
  • Directory of members - Who's Who? Profiles/Access to expertise/contact info
    • membership Management- profile updates,
    • mapping members / sharing location information
    • network with fellow KM4Dev-ers (personal and organisational profile) -

( Relationships )

  • The annual km4dev meeting
    • support for km4dev meeting activities virtually
      • IM - eg twitter
      • wiki
      • website

( Serving a Context ) International Development - so an open, outward facing way of existing

  • Public Face for the Community
    • website to showcase km4dev
    • website could become a showcase for KM technologies, and for the talents of technology developers(?)
    • website that allows for posting news items
    • website that allows books titles to be shared
  • Offering community content to the world
    • tagging of content eg. photos flickr
  • Compatibility
    • api service to connect with others and other services such as Amazon Books?

Ref: - Michael's Summarized July 27th Notes
Ref: - Marc.steinlin's comments August 14
Ref: - How to these group into orientations?