September 3, 2010

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Present: Nancy, Simone, Sophie, Natalie, Riff, Bertha, Pete, Sebastiao and Lucie

Proposed time: 75 minutes

Proposed agenda:

  1. Facilitation /coordination / funding of KM4dev
  2. Innovation Fund proposal wiki project: See also KM4Dev Wiki 2.0 - Core Group feedback
  3. KM4dev participation in the Addis Share Fair (deadline is Monday Sept 5)

1. Facilitation / coordination / funding:

(ELB) As previously indicated I would strongly support having Lucie steward the community although I would also respect her choice to step down if she feels strongly about it. Perhaps an idea here could be to let Lucie focus on the content side and find additional - cheap - support for the wiki/Ning/mailing list maintenance with a pool of students or even volunteers from the KM4Dev list that would commit to taking care of this and could have part of their time funded. We could think of perks like mentoring by Lucie, sponsoring of participation to KM4Dev event or perhaps provision of resources?

(NW) Ii have been thinking about a model that also splits up the technical moderation from the community facilitation and community leadership. I'll share it on the call.


  • We will test a rotating facilitation/coordination format until the end of the year
  • A small group was formed and includes in its mandate both outlining of various tasks as well as how the broader community should be invited/engaged: Nancy (as bridge with wiki group), Lucie, Bertha, Pete, Natalie, Sebastiao, Simone


  • Nancy to create a wiki page (done): Shared Facilitation Planning Page
  • Lucie to fill out tasks/time needed (done)
  • Simone to send a message to the whole Core group
  • We need to have some sort of coordinating mechanism, maybe a little side list... did someone say they'd do this? Can't see it in the Skype chat

About funding

(ELB) On the funding, perhaps we need to set aside some funded time for a pair of us to really dig out opportunities for funding and organise proposal-writing and donor-chasing? We could also organise a survey on the general list to find out what our members think is possible to organise: yearly fee, specific calls for proposals, cash or in-kind support by specific organisations etc. and based on this we could organise the funding of the community?

(Sebastiao) I wonder if we could organize voluntary yearly fee, or do a campaign for financial support like Wikipedia recently did, or send a message to our more than one thousand members to get small grants for the community. The community really deliver value to its members. My feeling is that some non-traditional (for us) methods of funding should work for KM4Dev.

(NW) The fact that we had an almost prepared proposal that sat for 5 months has a message for us. We are not strong at our own financial infrastructure. What if we did away with any funding, took donations to cover hosting costs and created a new model that funded  events on a per event basis? What if we LITERALLY self funded and focused on the conversations on the list/ning? 


  • Follow up on having a deeper discussion about the future funding models of KM4Dev
  • Seek short-term funding that would include several tangible things, such as: km4dev meeting, a process/exercise of reflection, info infrastucture maintenance (was this actually decided?)


  • Sebastiao will draft a reflection about future and the immediate implications on fundraising - short or long term (done)
  • Nancy to share funding proposal Google doc (done)
  • Who is taking the lead on the short-term funding? Did anyone commit? Can't see it in notes

2. KM4Dev participation in the Addis fair:


I don't know if the question here is whether or not or in what conditions, but I would strongly suggest having a KM4Dev representation there, even informally - i.e. without a dedicated KM4Dev meeting/side event. There will be quite an interesting group of people and set up for the event too. I will be involved in some of the preparations together with Peter and am happy to provide some help to ensure KM4DEV is represented there.

(NW) If some folks can self organize this, that would be terrific. 


  • Would be better to do something something informal on the Sunday night (Oct 17) before it starts, rather than at the end when people are tired. If possible, KM4dev could be involved in the KS tools and methods training on Day 0.


  • Pete will fill the proposal form for Sept 5 (as a placeholder - done) and talk to Nadia about KM4dev involvment in Day 0

3. Innovation Fund:

(ELB) I haven't followed the innovation fund proposal project enough to mention anything here.


  • Form a small group to provide feedback for Davide: Nancy, Lucie, Riff (limited time but will provide substantive feedback) and Pete (in December, if there are still things to do)
  • Use the 500USD left-over from the Innovation Fund to cover Ning hosting


  • Lucie to get back to Davide to inform him of the small group and ask him to open up the Google doc in order to share it with the broader group
  • Riff to ask Maarten at ICCO if we can use the remaining Innovation Fund money to pay the Ning hosting costs (183.29USD yearly) for a couple of years