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KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-06-06 +More about future planning, funding, annual meeting ideas and core group function   +
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-09-12 +KM4Dev 2011 planning   +
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-09-21 +KM4Dev 2011 planning (SF event, cozy corner, CG meeting & dinner, main event)   +
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-12-02 +Discussion of KM4Dev 2012 project workplan with IFAD   +
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2014-11-03 +Welcoming Colleagues + Discussing Commitments; Where is the Core Group with some leaving and joining, Revisiting the Futures discussions and what to do as next steps, Payment System via Helvetas   +
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2014-12-01 +Second meeting in a new series of Core Group Skype sessions aiming at relaunching and intensifying Core Group work. See agenda for topics.   +
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2015-01-23 +First Core Group meeting of the new year that kept up the momentum of monthly skype calls   +
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2015-03-04 +Second in the monthly 2015 KM4Dev Core Group Skype meetings to review actions since last month and discuss emerging issues for the community   +
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2015-06-08 +Our June meeting addressed transparency around our new donation mechanism, a 2016 face-to-face meeting in Cali, the need for a larger pool of volunteers to facilitate the Dgroups listserv, and scheduling our next core group meeting.   +
KM4Dev Core group Skype meeting +A conversation about the functioning, governance and particularly payment for the work of the core group.   +