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Following the workshop, I met with Ernst Bolliger who had walked the hills of Lewes earlier that evening. He shared some of his thinking with me and we came up with a potential KE process:

  • Identify 1-2 individuals from organisations or networks who would like to ‘conduct’ a series of Knowledge Expeditions. The assumption is that these organisations are geographically dispersed and would each carry out their own expedition.
  • Quarterly, an expedition is planned and takes place at an agreed upon date(s). Each organisation does their own expedition on a previously agreed upon theme. They identify individuals within their own organisation to take part.
  • The expedition can take any kind of shape or form that the organisation chooses. The project could provide ideas on how these could be done ie. get out of your usual work environment and move to a different environment, do a podcast picnic, ideas on generating interest in the expedition, using nature to find and discuss metaphors etc.. Materials related to the theme could also be provided in advance as resources for the expeditions.
  • A post-expedition follow-up would be to share the highlights of the discussion among those leading the expeditions. This would likely be more effective if done in a conference call but could be pursued in a discussion forum.