Notes of tele meeting 11 April 2008

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KM4dev 2008 Lisbon Gathering Teleconference 11 April 2008

Nancy White

Josien Kapma (main notetaker)

Lucie Lamoureux

Allison Hewlitt

Marc Steinlin

Peter Bury

Bertha Camacho

Riff Fullan (facilitating)

Allison, Lucie, Riff, Bertha and Josien had a small coordination prep call in the morning in order to list the main things in advance and to identify priorities and gaps more easily prior to the conference call. riff sent an agenda/pointers (pasted into the notes below)

During the prep call it was agreed that the following issues should be discussed during the conference call:

1) Who will be responsible for what

2) What the various 'whats' will be

3) Who, or how many others need to be identified to also play a role in the preparation of the workshop

1.The online element


- whether or not we go for OS online

- what other online elements we want

After Josien’s briefing on online OS, we decided to NOT have an online open space event related tot the f2f NOW, but to YES try and engage the wider community by online activities (mostly prior, some reporting during, and maybe follow-up after the event) and MAYBE have an online open space event later on as a stand alone event.

The main reasons for such decision were:

1-not the best thinkable way to reach our varied objectives and varied target groups: an array of tools works better now. difficulties in carrying out the f2f OS and the online OS simultaneously.

2-High costs for the online OS

3-Interest in testing how an online OS works, but that could be done at a different time

4-The main objective is to include the wider community during the f2f OS, so we could come up with other options instead of an online OS

Q: how to engage those who cannot be there, or how to prepare for those who will be there??

A: feed into peoples thinking who will be present at the f2f AND offer an opportunity to those not in Almada to signal topics on content or process AND (during/afterwards) report out of Almada into the world.

Ideas about online activities:

Reporting is relatively easy. The question of input is more interesting and challenging. A dynamic blog, combined with some social network or other online option for people to give some input, like sharing photos, do a blog; have some dialogue feed into the event. Another suggestion was to maybe open up for chat moments with the wider community. The only doubt about it, is how to open up those moments. Need to ask this question to the community to identify who is interested in what, from a remote perspective Future of KM4Dev discussion should not be limited to F2F. Other topics, theoretically, we can talk about anytime on the list. The idea is to focus on things that require action or decision, rather than our ongoing learning about our domain.

From nancy's email: some free form ideas:

Learn about Open Space - maybe we pick a few stories about OST events and share them.

Something you care about? Start a wiki page and get your resources organized. Put slides up on or Google slides. Even if you haven't called a formal session, you are making your knowledge and interest visible

Scan the wiki (or whatever tool we use) to stimulate your ideas, but come with an open mind that together we might imagine or reimagine these possibilities to suit the moment and who shows up

If someone's participation is contingent on "being a presenter" - maybe one morning we can do the very fun event of 5 minute lightening rounds. Strongly enforced. (Or the fun - 5 minutes, 20 slides and slides advance automatically. This can be a fun evening session. Even more fun is to swap slide sets and make up a talk on the fly!) Alternative: poster display with a Q&A period. But I know sometimes people can't get org permission unless they are "presenters."

Some ideas for online reporting DURING the event:

People in chats in real time during sessions, a person with a laptop could be the link. Real time chats might not attract sufficient volunteers to DO it.

Setting aside an hour a day for online engaging?especially if we recorded it.

A convenor have a duty to produce a report according to a standardized format; could be up and displayed in a way accessible to distant participants see an example of an event Nancy did last week:

2) The f2f element

- How do we treat topic ideas already raised? - Similarly, what preparation- if any - do we want to suggest to participants? - What do we need in terms of facilitation/support (assuming it is primarily OS)? - What do we want to achieve in Day 0 and what do we need in order to do it?

A plan, emerging from these ideas Doing a three week discussion in May asking people questions; ask the community for concrete and practical suggestions.

Facilitating smaller group discussions: we decided to use the main list -and not a different set of D-groups- , announcing beforehand that this will happen. The arguments of wider participation and better oversight are deemed more important than possible feeling of overload. It would probably not generate more traffic than any other thread.

Start by the survey results, (list of topics) and ask if, and what, people want to do with it looking for ideas from the community / have a dialogue on engagement before, during and after the workshop.

Lucie could bring it up in a mail to the whole community, we could all be co-facilitators. Lucie will drop some idea on the workshop list next week Riff will wait for Lucie to put her message together and then he will give a "flash back" to survey, reporting out anything specific on the survey. He will also inform about important decisions taken related to the f2f OS format of the workshop.

1-A sub-committe was formed: Lucie, Nancy, Peter, Marc (Josien offered to set up blog) (Nancy, we sort of volunteered you to take an interest in planning this online discussion too. Hope that is ok?) In order to cover this part, it was suggested to set up sub-committees on four different issues:

1-Online community involvement (discussed above) 2-Open Space 3-Workshop Logistics in general 4-Day 0

2- Open Space Marc, Peter, Lucie, (Nancy Your name came up again!) will look at all aspects of making the open space happen, Peter is firelighter. They will also look into how to weave with online discussions and how to involve the community in the discussion. google doc notes

3 - Workshop Logistics in general Riff, Bertha and Josien, will liaise with this group for orchestrating the general organization with the os

4 - Day 0 Riff's braindump about day 0: in zeist there were lots of new people and they suggested an introduction to and of the KM4Dev community. We could do roughly half day on km4dev: what is km4dev as a community and the state of the art in the domain of km4dev and another half day (roughly) on networking between km4dev and other communities that are related to us, we get into the arena and see what bubbles up. We have sent out invitations to prominent members of the communities already.

Josien & Bev's ideas about networking are just conversation starters.

Lucie (mainly on km4dev), Allison and Josien will be part of this sub-committee.

3) Additional issues:

We agreed to try and pay for volunteers' accommodation. We will invite people who are sponsored to some way to “give back” (do a volunteer task) like e.g. write on the blog.

4) Questions:

Registration for sponsored participants: based on the criteria defined, we will report to the workshop group to how we will do that, but there are only about 8 people who asked support, so we might not need to use a selection criteria.

Financial side: basically: “we are not as tight as we feared we are”

Follow up in terms of logistics: contacting registered people from 28th of april on, for visa and tickets etc. This sub-committee will have to get together to address these issues.

Registration: 39 registered, the majority also for day 0. expect lots of people to register (too) after the deadline.

Are we going to be open to last minute people?: officially: no. reality: yes


1 online activities: Lucie, Nancy, Peter, Marc (josien offered to set up blog) 2 open space: Peter, Marc, Lucie, Nancy 3 day 0: Allison, Lucie, Josien (4 logistics Riff, Bertha, Josien)

We will invite other community members to join any of the first three committees, if they like.