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During the Core group meeting we spread out in groups and worked on ideas that participants were interested in. Here are the notes from the reporting back. Nancy took those on a flipcharts and Simone is documenting them here:

Coming Out - Community Action day

  • During 1 month
  • Local, member generated actively
  • Stand alone or "piggy beak"
  • Brand to KM4Dev and logo
  • Capture from events, aggregate into a product, help publicize KM4Dev
  • Mechanics, cook book, calendar, geomaps

Incubator - write a concept note to explore doing sth together.

  • Km4Dev provides scaling up mechanism.
  • Examples from Open Space topics are all potential incubator projects
  • Focus on development needed
  • Spread / alterate donor diversity
  • Funds availaable for the community
  • Focus on empowering Southern members
  • May need an organization to receive funds
  • Set up a wiki for sharing project ideas
  • Next step: concept note and week funder feedback

Funding / Financing next KM4Dev meeting

  • Info from previous proposals and new ideas
  • How to approach funders
  • Funds to organize
  • Incubator and other proposals - list of relationships to possible funds
  • Suggest a small proposal and submit to group (for K4dev in general?)
  • Start soon
  • Make sure funders are not bombarded with KM4Dev proposals - coordination - spreadsheet?

Criteria & Quality standards for joint stuff

  • People using the Km4dev name: How to decide when to allow use of common names?
  • Have some criteria: open source, creative commons for whatever is produced
  • Don't think we should grow into a larger org and manage funds. Have a partner do this.
  • Hard to draw the line
  • Regional netwroks autonomous and independent. Open, flexible and clear governance scheme

KM4Dev regional chapters / networks

  • Related to thematic chapetrs
  • No complete inclusion
  • Keep connection to KM4Dev, some participate in both
  • Current KM4Dev offer coaching
  • Use past lessons and experiences
  • More then regional need -> CONTEXT
  • Criteria of when: 1) historical moment, 2) Region or theme with current activity or demand, 3) connect with needs, 4) champion

Next Steps:

  • Begin with what is possible
  • Send a proposal to Km4Dev and get more input (feedback not approval)
  • More forward with action research approach

Network of networks

  • Map
  • Use community intelligence
  • Related to technology focus, regional focus, KM4Dev day

Dgroups and Km4Dev Tech

  • Dgroups in transition
  • KM4Dev uses Dgroups for mailing list
  • Continue to use wikis, blogs, connect to Dgroups, backend for mailing list
  • KM4Dev tech evolution help test / inform Dgroups efforts
  • Do we want to be constraint by Dgroups?
  • Action: continue using Dgroups as mailing list and look at other options (fee for no ads)
  • Dgroups considering "hooks" to other platforms
  • Action: Define suite of tools via a working group: Pete C., Michael, Mark H., Karel, Maarten, Nancy, Sophie, Lucie) and invite others

Expectations of members sponsored at this gathering

  • No explicit expectations
  • Identify priority areas to share and take forward
  • Share a reflection and experience on the list
  • Share with local networks
  • Encourage local participation
  • Share today's meeting results and report on what is relevant in your local context