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Theme: Memory

Participants: Georgina Barrett, Victoria Richardson, Michael Khabie-Zeitoune, Jo Rowlands, Mark Hammersley, Andrew Nadeau

Question(s): We are losing institutional memory, dinosaurs are dying, bright young things are moving on quickly. How can we ensure valuable experiences are remembered long after the event or when someone leaves? How can we keep memory live?

Keywords: institutional memory, warehouses (demand driven, extraction), project close-out, networks of expertise, effective support systems (information management) KS / OL Approaches: oral history, exit-interviews, journals and logs, coaching / mentoring by farmer staff, reflective writing / concpet papers, alumni, Handovers (regularly maintaining handover notes - not last minute dumps, buddy ssytems, succession planning (continuous process), have a librarian in charge of the intranet, effective inductions and orientations, regularly updated CVs online, weekly team meetings, monthly management meetings, wiki pages for live content.