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Where can we go wrong?
Where can we go wrong?
{{E-Discussion - Contributors
{{Discussion - Contributors
|contributed by=Meghendra Banerjee, Tom Zeppenfeldt, Grant Ballard-Tremeer,  
|contributed by=Meghendra Banerjee, Tom Zeppenfeldt, Grant Ballard-Tremeer,  

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Original Message

From: Meghendra Banerjee, posted on 2009/12/09

Hi All,

We at Solution Exchange (www.solex-un.net) are trying to develop a Keyword based Search/Browse System for Products generated through interactions in communities of practice. We have narrowed it down to three levels - Levels 1 and 2 as categories and and Level 3 as user generated Keywords.

I was wondering if there are references, guidelines or industry standards i could look at...and of course looking forward to your comments on developing a simplistic design (trying to avoid a complex overkill).

My concerns include ways of attaching tags; categorising them and cleaning them to achieve a workable cross reference with People, Products and Forums.

Where can we go wrong?


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Meghendra Banerjee
Tom Zeppenfeldt
Grant Ballard-Tremeer

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