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“Simone and Allison had been working on the Knowledge Expeditions idea for more than a year...The idea is to find a way to move beyond the tools we normally use and provide a fresh and inspiring approach to the issues and challenges we deal with. From time to time, they had managed to meet one another in the same city for something else and squeezed the work in their busy agendas. They shared the idea with the KM4Dev community and had a chance to test it out at KM4Dev in Brighton. Still, progress moved at a snail's pace as both of them had competing priorities. So they decided to register the initiative for the 2007 KM4Dev Workshop where they would like to use the time and space to gather some fresh input from the community and, most importantly, focus on their project as a team for almost 2 full days”.

A group of Netherlands-based organizations and other individuals decided to organize a KM4Dev workshop in 2007 that would put the emphasis on the WORK part of “workshop”, creating an event that offers the community some space to work on collaborative KM/KS and organizational leaning projects. This event would also – as in past KM4Dev workshops – serve as a venue for the sharing of experiences and exploration of ideas. This encounter offers the opportunity to create or to strengthen collaboration within the community by involving each other in the design, execution and/or dissemination of existing or new initiatives.

Length and date: 3 days, 18-20 June, 2007

Location: Woudschoten Conferentiecentrum, Zeist, Netherlands (

Format: the 3-day workshop will be a combination of project working sessions (9 hours in total), and discussions /knowledge sharing/explorations within the full group

Funding: we are working on the possibility of small grants to support participants that would otherwise not be able to attend, but please note that the KM4Dev community does not take any responsibility for future funding of ideas/projects which will be developed during the workshop

Fee: no fee will be applied but participants have to pay for their own travel, accommodation and meals (unless receiving a support grant)


Here you will find the draft agenda for the workshop[1]

Below are the proposed projects that you can sign-up for. A total of 9 hours has been set aside in the agenda to work on them. Please note that some are not estimated to take up the full 9 hours, in which case, please select more than one. In order to register directly in the wiki, you must have a wiki account. If you do not already have one, please email Lucie (, OR, send an email to and submit your choice(s). Please respond by WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 5:00PM GMT.

  1. KM Benchmarking
  2. Social bookmarking:
  3. Project removed, moved to Open Space session
  4. Capacity Building and Training in Knowledge Sharing and Management: The Knowledge Expedition Approach
  5. Developing basic capacity development framework for KM4Dev: a complementary track to the Knowledge Expedition
  6. Project removed, project Lead no longer coming
  7. Creating frameworks for knowledge management in pilot development projects
  8. Community in Business, exploring (self-)financing models for "communities" that use web2.0 tools
  9. A network of CoPs as main structure to develop and share knowledge in a bilateral development agency?
  10. Develop a wiki-based book/resource on wiki practices in development
  11. Hands-on experimentation with technologies for communities and networks and evaluate/recommend them for specific uses/users
  1. KM4Dev 2007 Open Space Session Notes

Interested participants

Name Affiliation Confirmed Project Email
Adrienne Cruz ILO yes 7 and 5 cruza[AT]
Allison Hewlitt Bellanet yes 4 (lead) ahewlitt[AT]
Amanda Cunningham International Trade Centre yes cunningham[AT]
Amanuel Assefa PROFIEET (Promoting Farmer Innovation and Experimentation in Ethiopia) kidus_aman[AT]
Amit Chakravarty Samarthan 7 (lead) amit_moni[AT]
Anna van der Heijden International Resources Group yes 8 avanderheijden[AT]
Annette Schut ILO no 1 schut[AT]
Arthur van Leeuwen SNV yes 1, 3, 4 avanleeuwen[AT]
Axel Roduit SDC yes 4 axel.roduit[AT]
Bev Trayner Independent, Eudaimonia yes 4 btrayner[AT]
Bram Langen PSO yes 1, 4, 9 langen[AT]
Bruce Britton FrameWork only Monday and Tuesday 1 bruce[AT]
Camilo Villa ISS camilovilla[AT]
Christian Kreutz GTZ yes 9 Christian.Kreutz[AT]
Claire Bure IDRC yes 4, 5 claire.bure[AT]
Connell Foley Ph.D. student at Trinity College yes 1 connell.foley[AT]
Dale Chadwick Euractiv 2, 8, 10 dale[AT]
Daniela Herzog CBM Christoffel-Blindenmission yes 1, 9 and 10 Daniela.Herzog[AT]
Dorine Ruter ETC Foundation yes 4 d.ruter[AT]
Ernst Bolliger Agridea yes 9 EZA[AT] or ernst.bolliger[AT]
Esther Germans ILO only on the 19th 7 germans[AT]
Ewen Leborgne IRC yes 4, 5 leborgne[AT]
Femke Hoekstra ETC yes f.hoekstra[AT]
Floris Koot KAOSPilots yes floridee[AT]
Galina Voytsehovska World Bank yes 4 GVoytsehovska[AT]
George de Gooijer Ghezae & de Gooijer consulting yes 2, 10 georgedegooijer[AT]
Hailu Araya Institute for Sustainable Development yes 1 hailuara[AT]
Jaap Pels IRC yes 1, 5 pels[AT]
Jane Carter Intercooperation yes 4 jane.carter[AT]
Jennifer Breslin UNDP yes 5 kjennifer.breslin[AT]
Johannes Schunter UNV yes 7, 10 Johannes.Schunter[AT]
Joiske Hulsebosch IICD yes joitske[AT]
Joost Lieshout WIS yes j.lieshout[AT]
Josien Kapma Consultant, Portugal 8 (lead) josienmkapma[AT]
Julie Ferguson Royal Holloway, University of London yes 1 J.E.Ferguson[AT]
Kees de Ruiter ICCO 3,7,10[AT]
Luca Servo FAO yes 11 (lead) Luca.Servo[AT]
Lucie Lamoureux Bellanet yes 5 (lead) llamoureux[AT]
Maarten Boers ICCO yes 3 (lead) maarten.boers[AT]
Marc Steinlin IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge yes 1 (lead) marc.steinlin[AT]
Mare Fort CARE yes 4 mfort[AT]
Michael Schueber CBM (Christoffel-Blindenmission, International) yes 1 and 7 MichaelSchueber[AT]
Micheline Chartrand CIDA-Mali yes 5 micheline.chartrand[AT]
Moraan Gilad Pioneers of Change / The Hub yes 9 moraan[AT]
Munya Saruchera Biowatch South Africa 4,7,9 munya[AT]
Nancy White Full Circle yes 10 (lead), 1 nancyw[AT]
Peter Ballantyne Euforic yes 2 pb[AT]
Petr Kosina CIMMYT yes 5, 4 p.kosina[AT]
Prabhu Rajendran Samarthan 7 (lead) prabhu[AT]
Reza Salim Amader Gram-Bangladesh 1, 7 rezasalim02[AT]
Riff Fullan Helvetas yes 4 riff.fullan[AT]
Ronald Lutalo Environmental Alert yes 4 rlutalo[AT]
Samantha Hargreaves ActionAid yes 4/5 or 9 Samantha.Hargreaves[AT]
Sarah Barry Ph.D. student, Trinity College yes 4 sebarry[AT]
Sarah Cummings KIT only on Monday? S.Cummings[AT]
Satish Vangal UNDP yes 11 (lead) satish.vangal[AT]
Sibrenne Wagenaar PSO yes 9 and 10 wagenaar[AT]
Simone Staiger CIAT yes 4 (lead) s.staiger[AT]CGIAR.ORG
Simplice KOUASSI GenieAgro 8 genieagro[AT]
Steff Deprez VECO Indonesia yes 1, 7 steffdeprez[AT]
Taline Haytayan The International HIV/AIDS Alliance yes 4, 9 (preference for latter) thaytayan[AT]
Tesfaye Beshah Alemaya University 4 btesfaye2003[AT]
Urs Karl Egger Skat yes 1,4,5 urs.egger[AT]

Information for Participants

Reservations and costs of the stay

Reservations have been made for single rooms from the morning June 18th to the afternoon June 20. So if you are on this list you can be sure there will be a single room for you both nights and it is not necessary to make your own reservation. The price for this three day stay at the venue is Euro 324,70 including all meals (3 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts).

There is a possibility to make reservation for a room on the night before and/or after the workshop. So in case you are arriving at the venue on Sunday June 17th and/or are leaving Thursday June 21 and want a room for one or both nights, please let us know before May 15th! For your information the price of a single room for a night before the workshop is Euro 72,50 and for a night after the workshop Euro 87,50 (both including breakfast).

You are kindly requested to pay the costs of the arrangement and possible extra nights at the end of your stay, at the reception of the venue. And please do not forget to include the costs of your personal consumptions and possibly other costs which you made on your account.

Of course the above stated does not apply to those of you who indicated that you are not going to stay at the venue. In those cases only the costs for meals and other consumptions will have to be paid by you at the end of your stay. Please do not forget!


Woudschoten Conference Centre Woudenbergseweg 54 3707 HX Zeist Phone; +31 (0)343-492 492

How to reach the venue

Coming by plane
From Schiphol Airport take the train to Driebergen-Zeist, which is in the direction of Utrecht and Arnhem. Possibly you will have to change trains in Utrecht in the direction of Arnhem (be careful to take a train that stops at Driebergen-Zeist !).

Coming by train
Depending from which direction your are coming, you will have to take a train to Utrecht or Arnhem, because Driebergen-Zeist is in between these two places. Then take a train to Driebergen-Zeist.

Once in Driebergen-Zeist
Once in Driebergen-Zeist you will have to take a taxi, which you will find at the main entrance of the station. It is cheapest if you take a taxi from the firm “Hoek station Vervoer” , because that is a taxi which takes more than one passenger at a time. If no taxi is waiting you can call one at phone: 0343-512364. Once in the taxi it will take you about 10 minutes to get at the venue.

Coming by car
Please visit the site and see the description of the route there.


There is wireless access to the internet in the building, which can be used for free.


Normally in June it is quite nice weather in the Netherlands. Temperature normally ranges somewhere in between the 15 and 20 degrees Celsius and of course you never can tell if it will rain. So anyhow take a warm (rain) coat with you!

In case of emergency

Call the venue +31 (0)343 492492 and ask for Maarten Boers or Dorine Ruter.

Some Workshop Output

Some links to online documentation of this event:

If you have uploaded material, make sure you tag it km4dev2007 in one of the tools above or otherwise include the link in this list!