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Sarah, Lucie



Subject of next issue

Barriers to practitioners/practice etc or cross over IM/KM

Publishing issues

  • Marketing campaign is needed (put advertising in the website Adwords) pragmatic way to improve financial situation – deal with google). Website way of earning money (Camilo)
  • printed version is still wanted (people unload one or two papers but not the whole issue)
  • Lucie’s time is a constraint some pro bono BUT….
  • Sarah’s is also a constraint but this could change
  • We need to specific about what we can and cannot do
  • Urs is really taking charge of this issue but this very ad hoc
  • Adwords for whole of KM4D Journal
  • Send e-mail to the list

Survey and evaluation

  • STAT Counter
  • collecting e-mails
  • registering to be users
  • reaching out to people who have hard copies
  • small leaflet encouraging people
  • taking stock after 2 years/6 issues (which articles have your read)
  • talking to authors (tape Mark Steinlin’s reactions)
  • IICD/Survey monkey