KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2015-06-08

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KM4Dev June 2015 Core Group Call
1. Update on the Donation Page
2. Face-to-face meeting in Cali
​3. Monthly DGroups Facilitation Roster​
4. Next meeting?


KM4Dev June 2015 Core Group Call

1. Update on the Donation Page

  • Cross-referencing the link on other KM4Dev supported sites (e.g., wiki, bottom on Dgroups mail messages)

There are several places we could be advertising the donation page better:
Carl will add a link to the bottom of dgroups messages
Jasmin found that there was no coherent page on the wiki where someone can easily figure out ways to become involved in KM4Dev.
Pier will begin to organize this part of the wiki better by 1) creating a link on the first page of the wiki and 2) Updating pages where information about getting involved is provided but is out of date (e.g., [1])

  • Transparency around donations (e.g., how to monitor incoming donations, how to make community aware of incoming donations)

We will need to create guidelines around the donations page. The following issues surfaced as potentially needing transparency-

   * How we report on any donations received: We will learn more on the best way to do this as donations come in and
     Riff learns the type of information he is given, as well as how often he receives that information. Currently,
     the information must be manually compiled by Riff.
   * How regularly we will spend the money that comes in
   * How we can leverage the donations page for KM4Dev sponsored events (see Cali F2F below)
  • other feedback we should act upon?

There has been no other feedback

2. Face-to-face meeting in Cali

  • Update from someone involved?

Jaap met with key organizers of the KM4Dev Cali F2F in Washington recently and learned that they are planning a January 2016 meeting.
Key players from Latin America who are involved: Camilo Villa, Simone Staiger, ??
The group has access to a venue and they are attempting to gain commercial support for the event.
Jaap suggests that the KM4Dev group continue to support this effort by waiting for the Cali group to create a more concrete plan, then we will have more information on the best way that the Core group might contribute to this initiative. Jaap will meet with the Cali group again in late June 2015.
Some things that the members on the call talked out loud about: What is the broader objective for this meeting? Will there be an opportunity for a face-to-face core group meeting? Interested in seeing how the Latin American group will organize the event.

  • Potential use of donation mechanism?

Jaap confirms that donation page will likely be used but not sure how

3. Monthly DGroups Facilitation Roster​
Carl is concerned about the small group of people who pass around the Dgroups facilitation responsibility--sees it as unsustainable.
Carl and Peter will email this list of people [2] to see if they are still interested in helping out. They may also publicize in order to attract new volunteers.

4. Next meeting? A tentative July meeting was set: Monday, July 6 @ 7am (PDT) [that is 4pm CEST for those of you in Italy]
Jaap will reach out to the Core group to see if this date/time works. If not, he will create a doodle.