KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2014-11-03

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  1. Welcoming Colleagues + Discussing Commitments;
  2. Where is the Core Group with some leaving and joining;
  3. Revisiting the Futures discussions and what to do as next steps;
  4. Payment System via Helvetas


Location: Skype online

(Action Points in Bold)

Welcoming Colleagues + Discussing Commitments

  • Pier is now based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He is interested to understand the Core Group needs and to participate from now
  • Ewen had suggested a new member to replace him, but we're not sure of the name? We should find out and look to contact her. Peter will find out her email and check up (possibly ask Ewen)
  • Carl: has time to dedicate to KM4Dev: calls, wiki, moderation monthly, journal article
  • Peter - is available depending on consultancy load. Not looking to have a full case load and happy to collaborate with Pier on the Wiki and the futures discussions
  • Davide - Been away for a long time, that’s way I’m mainly listening in this call. I too am interested in the outcome of the KM4Dev futures conversations as a way to find out how I can get involved again. I think it’s a great idea to start with collecting and making available all the documentation on those conversations. I’ll be happy to help uploading them to the wiki if needed and most importantly to read them and prepare for the next call. Of course I always have my wiki moderation role. But it’s been merely about maintenance for a long time. Approving new members, sending out welcome emails, creating profiles for new members and other small things.
  • Pier - have some time in near future, pulling the future scenarios notes together and figure out other activities I can help with.
  • Jaap: Ning, check email, wiki
  • Jasmin - still in for CoreGroup but been 200% on work till year end, including travel. Interested to continue with futures conversations and participating in CG calls. Also what do we do now in terms of funding and activities? From 2015 hope to have more time. Peter - wondering if ILO could ever play a sponsoring role for KM4Dev? Jasmin - the last year we sponsored via myself the Swiss Think Table in ILO via logistical support and leading the agenda and we had 42 participants. But dependent on my availability. Peter - meant sponsorship widely with IFAD and other NGOs. Where ILO has an event and invites KM4Dev to co-organise. Jasmin - in terms of ILO really organising a big KM event don't think it will happen. Peter - keep in mind the possibility of CoreGroup meeting with ILO

Where is the Core Group given Futures conversation and with some leaving and joining?

What was follow up on outcome of KM4Dev futures conversations in Den Hag and Rome? Peter we looked into ourselves but as we didn't come together face to face its hard to follow-up. We also had the idea of all core group stepping down, but could have been a big risk. Pier was at the Den Hag meeting and found it interesting exercise but not much done with that. Maybe the idea is to revisit the conversations from Den Hag and Rome and see what we are comfortable bringing back to the community (Pier). There was a Google Doc note by Carl of Den Hag that not on the wiki and there was one blog post. Notes from Den Hag [1]

Also the documents of John Smith is on the wiki starting here: Envisioning KM4Dev Futures - 2013 - 2014. Pier happy to look for notes and put on the wiki with some technical support (Peter volunteered if necessary). Need to look at which of recommendations to pick up as Core Group and as Community from Strategy and the Den Hag and Rome Group. Look to see which are actions and put into a matrix with columns Core Group Only, Core Group + Community, Volunteers from Community for Action. Peter, look at Pete Cranston blog as this was a reflection on the strategy scenarios as could help in pulling out salient points

Peter reflects on Dave Snowden point on KM being out of date and not relevant. Nancy responded that there may be other stuff and all well, but we fundamentally believe we should continue with our goal. Pier - all the scenarios suggested continuing KM for Development. Jaap - in essence if it KM4Dev has a problem it is not the one identified by Dave, its more of a local global problem where at overall scale conversations drop off. Ewen's summary though suggested that conversation is still happening

Jaap - suggests the way forward is the creation of local chapters who share with the global community as they think is necessary. Jaap - would love to see someone organise a global face to face but don't think it will happen in the near future. Jaap - how can we involve KM practitioners in China, they are missing from our community. Peter - KM4Dev has become less visibly active because of the crisis globally (economic, paradigmatic) that works out on organisations resources available for face to face events like sponsoring KM4Dev. People are focusing on keeping their own show on the road. Jasmin - there is more of a lull in the core group than in the wider community. Jaap - the Social Network Analysis and the Durant Law work on showed there is a core group of 25 people on the KM4Dev-l list with different roles. Final SNA report is not published as it mentions names. KM4Dev 12 years old. Initiators are 12 years older, interests change. We need new folks

Jaap - the financial crisis puts pressure on the UN and NGO organisations. Finance is tight and so first thing that goes is travel. Jasmin - at ILO the regular budgets for KM picking up, but for technical units depends on their orientation and own fundraising. It is driving lots of fundraising activities of own unit - one of our key selling points. Jaap - downsizing HQ organisations but locally on the ground things are happening. Peter - agree with Jaap but don’t see concrete ideas on how KM4Dev goes local. By definition KM4Dev as a community of practice is global. The local experiences in Ethiopia, the Hag, Rome, etc not very promising it seems. Jasmin - for next steps this going local could be an item. There is live KM, the KM Table group in Switzerland. Not a direct overlap. Charles in Zim is an example of going local right?. Carl - interested in the localisation - KM4Dev in a box

Davide - In my view the wiki is a way to give visibility to the community and to what the community does. I don’t want the wiki to be idle because it would make the community look idle. So I’m more than happy to pick up any new ideas involving a wiki component. Maybe featured local km4dev experiences? Or another example could be a sort of monthly update as a way to highlight current happenings in the community. But this is just a random idea, I’m sure the best approach is to start from the km4dev futures conversations. Peter – Davide, did Ewen ever find time to link up with you to work on the wiki? Davide – No but I read his summary and thought why not have a regular one like this on the wiki’s homepage?. Carl - Ewen's monthly summary at hand over of moderation is great and needs to be institutionalised. Pier - yes its very great what Ewen did, but maybe turn into a newsletter and there was interest and volunteers. Davide - and a box in the wiki's homepage so when you go to the wiki you see what's going on NOW. Peter - from Ewen's summary initiatives to a future newsletter (Pier)

Pier - Discussing with Peter the connection between the DGroups and the Ning (multiple access points to the community). Now a way to integrate technically and happy to explore how to connect Ning and Wiki also

Peter - the event in Germany Jaap and I were invited and also Philip Grunewald, John Emeka Akunde and others. KM4Dev was there implicitly, Over 70% participants were also members. It was a very exploratory meeting to see in the host institutes should change they mode of cooperation in terms of capacity building and co-production - not KM specifically. We agreed to write an article on how to facilitate such events. Was there any report on this event Jaap? Need to ask John - Jaap and Peter to follow up on this. Julie Ferguson presented a KM4Dev case study at the event. Jaap - this was example of typical ground work that KM4Dev needs to do to teach hierarchical research organisations how to share knowledge. A good step. KM4Dev help in changing the facilitation style was much appreciated by the organisers. Jaap - the Germany event, what we bring is the KM4Dev name. It reassures people that you are not coming as a sole consultant or just dabbling around. Peter - Dave Snowden's critical note was given here. Pier - yes branding and how you influenced the style of facilitation to be participatory and showing this in practice

Next Meeting of Core Group

  • Pier - where will the notes go? Carl to circulate to CG and ask to put on the wiki if not any objections
  • Carl – Jasmin, please invite us all for another Doodle please. Jasmin – yes can do week of 17 Nov

Possible agenda items:

  • Revisiting next steps coming out of futures conversation (after Pier, Peter, Davide has put them all together)
  • KM4dev going local
  • Payment system (pushed back to next meeting)

Payment System via Helvetas

Carl - We didn't discuss the sponsorship financing page good news from Riff more than acknowledging it but I'd like to say Yay - well done and looking forward to further updates from Riff on this