KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-09-12

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  1. KM4dev meeting on Sept 30 ( Review day's agenda (copied below), session by session - Who does what? - What do we need (i.e. preparations, logistics, materials, etc.)
  2. KM4dev Share Fair session on Sept 29 (Update by Carl and Ewen - What do we need (i.e. preparations, logistics, materials, etc.))
  3. Sept 29 Core group meeting (Update on location/time - List of agenda items)
  4. Cozy corner (Furniture and material update (Sophie?) - Volunteers list)
  5. Social evening (update by Sophie)


KM4Dev meeting 30 Sept - discussion

Using a river of life transformed into a road. Going back to the beginning with graphic facilitation on the wall (Nancy / Nathalie) and Lucie do the f2f facilitation. People will have a car to represent themselves - there might be signposts; we might bring in people along the way etc. Need core group (and other?) volunteers ahead to introduce their experience?As Lucie's telling the story there could be some breaks with people adding their story about how they joined KM4Dev or a big milestone for them. We need people along the spectrum: old-timers and newcomers. (Nancy: Perhaps worth picking in the experience from working with communities of any kind, not just KM4Dev). This discussion generalises to many areas of work. This might not have to be represented graphically but it could be pulled in the story-telling. (Jasmin) What's the connection betweeb this session and the online consultation? (Nancy) Perhaps we need to keep mentioning that our stories are generic and can relate to other peoples' experiences - ACTION: Lucie, Pete, Nancy and Jasmin to help / and to meet beforehand to discuss this. (Pete) Shall we have a post-its or dots indicating how long people have been members of KM4Dev.SA-GE and SIWA will be mentioned and will be brought into the last part of the session (when consultation comes back to the group).

2 open space sessions - we need a facilitator for this.

  1. the community - Carl leading on the 10.30-13.00 session.
  2. the domain - Perhaps another volunteer from the Monday session?

We'll ask for volunteers to open the marketplace? Build leadership!

Materials: We can assume we'll find some from IFAD but we need to ask them. Nancy will draft that email.

Closing of the circle: Perhaps come back to the road metaphor? Perhaps Cristina can facilitate the closing? Maybe we can ask a volunteer to finalise the session? Perhaps have participants to put themselves on the road? ACTION: Melissa to take lead on this. Natalie to contact Cristina and share ideas about closing with her?

Agenda of the meeting on 30 September

Purpose: (1) future of KM4dev community and (2) face to face fun, sharing and learning 09:00: Ice breaker 09:20: Introduction to the community - what it is, what it has done so far, what it has brought to people and the different tools / spaces we use? Including the outcome of 3 questions online discussion 10.15: short break 10.30: Open Space on KM4dev community: "What are the possibilities, opportunities, ideas, etc. that I would like to explore for the future of KM4dev as a community in the next 5 years?" 13.00 - 14.00: lunch 14.00: Open Space on broader KM4dev topics: "What are the possibilities, opportunities, ideas, etc. that I would like to explore in the field of knowledge management for development?" 16:30: Closing circle 17.00: KM4Dev Challenges Tournament with collaborative and creative solutions winning PRIZES 18.00 :End of the program 19:00:Evening social (pay your own way, with guitars, candles, hugs, laughter, silliness)

Cosy corner

Nancy will ask IFAD about a coffee corner with chairs and tables and flipchart.We will need an overview of who's available when and keep it there at the corner to ensure there's someone around at all times.There's also the flyer issue: perhaps once participants' list is over it's great to deal with this?Pete mentioned the moo cards too. Pete could reorder them. GBP 30 for xx cards. Sophie: perhaps we need to think about our graphical identity? All comms products are very different. (Nancy) But a logo takes time to develop.Need to have URL of all the things we have (ning, Dgroups, toolkit, journal ....)Play- make them with hatsMake a list of volunteers at the end of the weekPete will use his wiki / Gdoc session to set up a wiki page with participants

KM4Dev during share fair session

On 29 Sept. we have that session. It's about knowledge sharing with friendship, dealing with diversity, openness etc.We start with a 30-min fishbowl with facilitators discussing how they're dealing with the issues: diversity, openness, transparency, technology stewardship. In the 2nd part we want to bring experiences of participants and to link it with the themes of the sharefair (mobile technology, innovative partnerships). We'd like to form 4-5 groups with facilitators in it and use the DeBono hats method representing different ways of thinking: Each group will have one of the topics and people will be using the hats to reflect.So far 3 offers for stories to form and good to get another volunteer. We need to work further how we bring out the role of friendship in it. The session time is unknown yet (programme not finalised yet).Nancy offered to do the graphic facilitation of the session.We need to do an inventory of resources we need.Sophie and Pete volunteering - perhaps Jasmin too.

KM4Dev core group meeting

Venue/time: 6pm is a good time and it will be at IFAD.Qatar (??) Centre could be a good location. We need to book the venue (Sophie will discuss with Roxy). We need to develop the meeting agenda and pull resources ToR for the core group, etc. (Natalie) Are we using our survey separately from the ShareFair one? SF organisers kept the survey open.

Social evening

What do we do after core group meeting: Aperitivo or dinner? And then social event the next evening. Possible venues: a) Taverna Cestia - b) Da Angelina. List of people participating: 34 people on Thu. 42 on Friday.We should go for a pre-booking for both events.

Action points

• Nancy to come up with a list of materials we need and request it to IFAD - if we ask for it we'll get it. • Lucie, Pete, Nancy and Jasmin to help / and to meet beforehand to discuss this.• Natalie to contact Cristina about the closing?• Nancy to contact IFAD about social corner - and using one or two microphones• Pete to reorder a batch of moo cards• Carl / Ewen to come up with list of resources required and mention to IFAD.• Carl to share Google doc about the discussion and design on this session.• Sophie to book KM4Dev core group meeting venue (Qatar centre) with Roxy• Lucie to create wiki page and send links to develop agenda• Sophie to check with Gauri what the situation is re: registration survey - how many people have said they would attend the coregroup meeting?• Natalie to share the survey results to core group, Gauri and Roxy.• Natalie to ask Roxy to double-check both SF and KM4Dev participant lists• Lucie to share the ideas about the core group meeting to the core group - how do we deal with this (dinner etc.).• Ewen to share notes of this discussion on the KM4Dev wiki.• Pete to use his wiki / Gdoc session to set up a wiki page with participants about list of volunteers for the cozy corner• Ewen to circulate a doodle for a last KM4Dev discussion prior to the ShareFair (week 19-23 Sept)