KM4D Journal - Minutes of editors' meeting of 1 April 2015

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PRESENT: Ewen Le Borgne, Ivan Kulis (notes), Lucie Lamoureux, Sarah Cummings

- Lucie to send the sheet to the editors for the feedback, than to the KM4Dev, asking the group to provide examples of other sheets used in other journals.
- Objective is to broaden the sheet to include more practice-oriented articles. Lucie will flag the areas that could be broadened, and propose alternative criteria

==> Lucie to send the sheet to the editors for the feedback, than to the KM4Dev.


- December issue online
- May issue coming together well. We can expect 7-8 articles, pretty interesting and complementary. Editorial coming together very nicely. Ewen was stimulated by the work, will starts a parallel blog on the facilitation.
- Linda has been very quick editor, and asked the right questions, and Sarah proposed that she is invited as regular editor.
- Older issues : Leah uploading, under guidance from Sarah. She should be involved in the marketing and promotion discussion.
- September 2015 issue : 3 submitted so far. In order to get more articles, we should invite all the old authors from the system, and send a message on the KM4Dev list. If we don't get enough submissions, we can work together on the "alternative article type” issue such as interviews, blog posts, etc.
- December 2015 : Brainstorming postponed until we have more clarity on the AgKnowledge Innovation. Another possible topic could be : KM4ARD.
==> Sarah to ask Linda to become a regular editor.
==> Sarah to invite Leah in the next meeting on the marketing / promotion topic. Ensure the call is scheduled to accomodate +10 hrs time difference.
==> Sarah to scope more info on the Kenya paper, whether they can make the article information management oriented.
==> Sarah to send the invitation to the past authors through the system.
==> Ivan to draft the September issue mail the KM4Dev list.

- We did not prepare for this meeting. Postponed for the next meeting, but will be put as the key topic on the next agenda.
==> All : prepare the feedback on the promotion handbook

- Going out this month.
==> Sarah to send out the survey in April.

v. "SUPERISSUES" based on part articles
- We discussed how to present/package them. The proposed formula was : blog post or editorial + providing reference to the articles
- We agreed that we would try to feed into the upcoming events : blog post would be timely, and we can talk with the organisers about the distribution.
- We identified two topics. Ewen will flag the e-learning articles for the e-learning Africa conference, while Sarah would take the lead on CoP topic
- We also agreed to run the competition of the favorite article of 2014. We will ask the community to identify the article that "stimulated you most in your thinking or practice".

==> Ewen to flag the e-learning articles in preparation for the next meeting.
==> Lucie to ask Rebecca about the distribution e-learning superissue distribution.
==> Sarah to identify the CoP for the May meeting.
==> Lucie to retrive the submissions in the editor-future issues.
==> IK to put the super issues on the agenda next time as well.
==> Sarah to send the draft mail to the Editors on 2014 article competition : the article that stimulated the most thinking, by 12 April.

vi. Misc.
- IK will organise the editor meetings until June (included).