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KM4Dev Futures: Interviews with Current Members

During December 2013, I spoke with different members of the KM4Dev network in order to understand their usual routine around KM4Dev, the different ways that they currently participate, and how they see themselves participating in the future. In addition, members shared the benefits they have gained through their participation and their reflections on the administration of a group like KM4Dev. Summaries of the interviews are posted below. Feel free to expand this page by adding your own profile and/or reflections on KM4Dev.

Ewen Le Borgne, Knowledge Sharing and Communication Specialist, ILRI

Joined KM4Dev: 2006

Joined Core Group: 2007

Member of SA-GE, SIWA (though the group doesn’t currently exist), KM4dev Ethiopia/Addis Ababa, KM4Dev Africa and various NING groups.

Face-to-face events attended: Brighton 2006, Zeist 2007, Almada 2008, Brussels 2009, Rome 2011