February 5, 2008

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KM 4 Dev Core Meeting Notes

February 5, 2008 Collaboratively taken by: Marc Steinlin, Peter Bury, Lucie Lamoureux, Nancy White


1) Welcome (Urs)

2) Nomination of keeper of the minutes

3) Review of phone conference agenda

4) 2008 workshop

- Introduction (Riff) - Collection of possible topics - Collection of possible workshop structure/modules - Organisation committee

  • - Collection of options for date and venue

5) Information about recent developments (Riff) - KM4Dev website hosting - Support for KM4Dev community by SDC - status - Discussion of any questions

6) Fundraising - Collection of ideas for possible donors/contacts to donors

7) Potential synergies with other communities (including Dgroups, ITO) - Information by Riff and discussion

8) KM4D Journal - Brief discussion on status of KM4D Journal and relationship with community

9) Any other business

- KE Expeditions and KM4Dev 2009 in ZA - Next phone conference - Where are minutes published?

4)2008 Workshop

  • SDC will fund approx 18 months activities of proposal, incl. workshop
  • on Nancy's call for ideas for workshop, just one response of Peter Ballantine, but the meetings he mentions are already too early (march/ april)
  • funding for Southern members. Something between 10, 000 and 20,000 Swiss francs
  • SKAT and Helvetas offering to organize; easiest to organise in Switzerland
  • diversity of km4dev community might suggest to differentiate between different "levels"
  • people who want to learn about km in general and other with specific interests
  • have a day zero (like web2.0 conference in Rome) for eg. "newcomers"

plus networking on day zero (to connect with others like dGroups)

  • SKAT and <h> would like to have 1 - 1.5 days to look into future of KM4Dev community
through idea out to community and look for supporters
  • Manuel (SDC) asked for additional event to look into the future of km4dev (strategy & structure). SDC is not so sure about institutional structure, we need to show SDC that we consider their concerns
  • participation: budget calculated so that core group members can participate (This needs to be disclosed to the community)
  • Marc: make sure it is not all navel gazing - needs substantial topic
  • Simone: think about how to learn from Southern participants better. Activity focused on what they bring
  • Simone: would like to try a virtual KM4Dev meeting. Or parallel online event to bring in everyone else.

idea of having an online open space

  • www.OpenSpace-Online.com It is all online
  • Lucie: several were suggesting to hold an open-space as a workshop method for the km4dev

continue on - Open Space would need to be 1.5 day to move into action planning phase

  • need to do research into inviting sponsors, scope out in advance people that could be KM4D friendly. Think with us in the Open Space, have people like Manuel thinking along with us

people within and outside km4dev (but with money! (chuckle) ) W* hat defines inside and outside? nancy: if you're interested, you're in! makes it difficult to talk about "us", but is pretty unique in km4dev

  • important to be transparent - anytime there is money. Need to disclose that budget includes funding for core members to attend meeting. ie. share with group budget, which could trigger people to step forward to give support. think beyond the meeting, because otherwise we could run in troubles
  • openspace might be nice to think about future of km4dev
  • nancy appreciated the member-generated mode of bringing in topics
  • All open space, all the time!
  • why not make 2 open-spaces - one on specific aspects on community, second allowing on more than one theme

second one should be geared towards tangible outputs (in terms of documentation, ... depending on the theme) for some people tangible outputs means they had a useful conversation

  • riff: in zeist, open agenda creation was good, but before workshop, then put together an agenda
  • simone: likes a more concrete output (common product), some kind of direct writing, collective construction, orchestrated process, alternation w/ moderated sessions, on specific issues, aggregated outputs

overview of feeling of core group common denominator (?):

  • a day zero
  • a part on the km4dev (possibly open space format)
  • a part on substantial issues - parallel workshops / sessions
  • riff, urs and intrested people would form committe, bring to community, discuss with others earlier than later, not just core group
  • 4 days? riff- longest potential time
  • day zero - "voluntary" for people
  • timing: ideally around june, otherwise october
  • re. timing, 2009 looks like march-april
  • would prefer june
  • switzerland would be crowded
  • cheaper options
  • riff - no prob if somewhere else, would depend to have someone locally for logistics
  • flights may also play a role
  • airport choice plays a big role
  • ask beverly for portugal and lucie for belgium. Good places in Portugal will be about an hour from Lisbon airport.
  • try to move this fwd as quickly as possible - riff, urs, lucie, peter, carl (Nancy interested too)

riff and urs will take initiative

  • simone would be ready to help organise virtual parallel event

5) Information about recent developments (Riff)

  • riff: waiting for idrc clearance for migration of website, documentation underway, call for interests: urs screened possibilities, best package by green net.
  • Helvetas is about to send signed greennet unofficial, what to wait until IDRC sends funds. Grant would cover looking into stability issues.
  • Software out of date. SDC funding - look at updating software
  • no support for journal
  • most crucial: get facilitation back in place, (especially lucie) do certain things
  • confirmation from sdc for next 16 months
  • admin through <h>
  • also wshop high priority

6) Fundraising

  • march 2008 - june 2009 - SDC funding. SDC also ready to fund after, under the condition that there are others buying in. Doesn't want to be only explore informally potential opportunities

donor so it is a priority to find other funders.


  • Google’s foundation - if only we could get on their screen [them finding KM4Dev] http://google.org/inform.html very lengthy processes. Nobody at google.org or google.com ? Nancy: Nope, I don't have any contacts there. But I'm doing a favor for someone who does,s o I'll ask
  • Bill & Melinda found IRC not the other way round, so we need to be VERRRRRRRRRRY visible
  • There are some interesting options if we have an option to use paypal or one of the web based charity donation things like global giving. But a) we need org sponsor and b) we need one that is accepted by the web orgs. I am happy to research those if people are interested. Beth Kanter is a good source on this.)
  • Simone: what about world bank?
  • after riff sends message re. sdc funding
  • Urs: km is one of the 9 pillars of the new strategy
  • another candidate is gtz
  • lucie: another candidate is icco
  • riff: require some kind of sensitation strategy?
  • lucie: fao is interested but doesn't have money
  • at IRC we know Rachel Cardone at BMGF, as does Nancy
  • riff: warns about having many different donors, is a night mare in terms of reporting
  • If we think of them as contributors rather than donors, would that make a difference?
  • simone was suggesting having many donors each contributing a few 1000 bucks - this could become very difficult to administrate...?
  • lucie: if we have interesting "projects" coming up, we could have donors fund them directly rather than a centralised budget
  • urs: km4dev should be more like a brand
  • core activities= core funding under which different activities could go
  • project funding also, decentralized
  • giulio (?): ask private sponsors like a large ict company in india?
  • carl: likes idea of having different modalities of funding
  • Mobile phone companies? including indian ones; there is an Arab one as well
  • have a mode of contributing on a "lower" level, which could reduce reporting requirements
  • See Beth Kanter's work on this http://beth.typepad.com/beths_blog/
  • carl: challenge of demonstrating impact on south
  • need to discuss at workshop this year - have a good platform
  • did we note: try to invite some of these companies to the workshop i mean

7) Potential synergies with other communities (including Dgroups, ITO)

km4dev - community to interact with, networking opportunities, reps of other communities

  • day zero (or others) potentially could do some networking among representatives of synergies among different communities, could come to wshop and discuss collaboration, mutual benefit

d* o on global scale what harambee did on africa level? learn from these experiences

  • members of core group? other communities or networks?
  • win-win situation: harambee could find a future, km4dev could find an extension into the south!!!

could link up nicely with 2009 workshop

8) KM4Dev Journal
  • lucie: Julie and Sarah approached Routledge, Rhey are interested in exploring different model (like an open content model). The journal would be a guinea pig. This makes it cumbersome, Routledge keeps discussing issues, difficult to make nails with heads. Issue: how to sell this new kind of business model, where online version is for free, but hard copy could be sold to libraries. Julie and Sarah talked to other publishing houses, but that didn't lead anywhere.
  • Other idea: create a foundation and look for sponsors, but that is a bit tricky, careful not to always hit the same people for funding - requires a concerted approach
  • Julie and Sarah feel that journal is linked to but separate from the KM4Dev community. Journal has origins in the community even if it's run independently. Articles are written by community
  • riff: journal continues to be in proposal, SKAT and <h> want to continue find support for it

keep them linked in some way

  • ACTION: will send response to core journal group, wait for response from routledge, if not successful, explore other tracks

9) Any other business

  • KE and 2009 wshop, alison , vic, bev and simone, own collboration platform, drive KE proj fwd in view of 2009 SA wshop, innovative KS KM practices in the field. Not necesarily aware they are doing it. Visit and exchanges, similar experiences, examples in SA with local inst.
  • big peer assist with KM4Dev people
  • if coming to SA, would like for people to go out to orgs, maybe not conf venue, being mobile
  • sounds crazy, don't know if feasible
  • might take 6 days
  • announce it early, discuss and feed it back to SA team + core group + km4dev community
  • KM4dev bus!
  • creative thinking, maybe not all ideas feasible
  • prob march-april 2009
  • sponsored by VW (minibuses)VW South Africa, volkswagen: people's car
  • putting together concept note and will share it
  • or the great trek: ox-carts sponsored by the boers (including boerewors)
  • send out a call for practices
  • slow though!
  • contribute practices instead of papers (i like it!)


  • ajit and sebastiao - ask them if they would like to comment to minutes

minutes on the wiki