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Analysis of activities

L&M baseline survey

The report has been shared with recommendations etc. We need to compare recommendations and decide concrete steps forward with the core group, in conjunction with the SNA and CT Lab groups.

Other L&M documentation activities

Next pointers to track

  • The L&M group has suggested tasking an external consultant to synthesise work from CTLab, SNA and L&M (with inputs from core group) to assess key recommendations / implications from the work that came up in L&M, CTLab and SNA.
  • CT Lab work to keep track of (particularly looking at the set of pointers they use themselves to define priority work areas for the community, as it relates to our own L&M framework pointers) - Documenter: Ewen
  • First focused activity (Gauri/Nancy on KS approaches in use): AAR to carry out with them - Documenter: Simone.
  • Second focused activity (Ewen on positive deviants): AAR to carry out with him - Documenter: Sophie.
  • SNA work: The work coming out, important comments etc. need to be brought together with our own framework, both for KM4Dev, SA-GE and SIWA? Documenter: Melissa, Willem, Sophie.
  • Crowdsourcing event on updating the KS toolkit: AAR to conduct - documenter: Melissa and Ewen.

L&M activity log

  • 30 January 2013 L&M Team call (Simone, Willem and Ewen) about next priorities and closing this L&M group.
  • 27 November: Discussion between Melissa, Simone, Sophie and Ewen about dividing assessment of IFAD-funded activities. See [1] and to discuss synthesis work and meeting to bring together SNA/CT Lab/L&M work.
  • 5 October: Bertha sent the baseline survey report to all KM4Dev members and Ewen uploaded the file on Ning.
  • 22-23 September: Group members reviewed key recommendations to pull out an executive summary to beef up the initial part of the report.
  • 20 September: L&M group discussion on finalising the report (Bertha, Simone, Sophie, Ewen) about making sure the report is finalised and shared with the wider community + analysed with the SNA, CTLab and core groups).
  • 18 September: Bertha shared the updated report format with group members, prior to the group discussion planned for 2 days later.
  • 9 September: Following a KM4Dev core group discussion, Ewen contacted current group members (Bertha, Simone, Sophie, Willem) about finalising the report and developing it in a more user-friendly format. Bertha agreed to develop the new format and did so.
  • 27 July: Melissa Bator contacted Ewen to confirm that in September/October she would be ready and keen to join the L&M group.
  • Weeks 4-19 July: The group worked on developing the baseline survey report, with the idea to finalise and share it in August.
  • 4 July: Group discussion (Simone, Sophie, Willem, Ewen) about steps forward on the survey: agreed to prepare analysis on Gdoc, share results with members of CTLab and SNA and then with whole community. Sophie establishes the liaison with the SNA group and Ewen with the CTLab one.
  • 3 July: Ewen sent an email to the community to update everyone on the analysis of the survey, status of tiger team and baseline focus group. Peter Bury and Saskia Harmsen indicated (in separate bilateral emails to Ewen) that they wouldn't mind joining the group as from - respectively - the next discussion and in October.
  • Week 25-29 June: Simone collected survey results from quantitative analysis. All team members joined efforts to review results to qualitative questions.
  • 22 June 2012: Discussion (Ewen, Simone, Willem) to agree on ways forward and to remove tiger team (volunteers to join this team) and baseline focus group (we will just use a sample of the community when we need feedback but will rather focus on after-action reviews with activity instigators to avoide KM4Dev member engagement fatigue).
  • 21 May: Bertha sent a mail to the whole community kindly requesting inputs for the survey.
  • 18 May: Ewen mentioned to the whole community that they can help by joining the tiger team, the baseline focus group or just completing the survey.
  • 30 April: Sophie Alvarez joins the L&M group.
  • 22-28 April April 2012: Exchange between Ewen, Simone and Willem on initial L&M framework ideas.
  • 16 March 2012: Discussion (Ewen, Simone, Willem) to discuss initial ideas around L&M.
  • 9 March 2012: Discussion (Ewen Willem) where Willem joined the team (and no need to have other IFAD staff although as and when, others could be pulled in. Agreement that the main focus of our activities is really learning, not monitoring with indicators in a conventional way;
  • 27 February 2012: Ewen developed on a google doc an initial set of ideas for the L&M framework;
  • 31 January 2012: Bertha sent an email to the core group to mention that she and Ewen were looking for additional volunteers for the L&M group - Simone joined.
  • 20 January 2012: Bertha joined the L&M group.
  • 18 January 2012: Ewen invited KM4Dev core group members who is interested to join the L&M group;
  • 7 November 2011: Proposal (with action plan 2011-2012) sent to IFAD by Riff, with ideas about L&M finally developed by ?? (Riff? Pete?)
  • 1 November 2011: Riff informs the whole KM4Dev community that the IFAD proposal has been granted.
  • October-November 2011: All KM4Dev core group members contributed to develop the L&M plans - 12 October: Riff adding text about L&M in the proposal.