Developing basic capacity development framework for KM4Dev: a complementary track to the Knowledge Expedition

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Project Outline

  • Title of the Project: Developing basic capacity development framework for KM4Dev: a complementary track to the Knowledge Expedition
  • Project leader: Lucie Lamoureux, Bellanet/Consultant (Belgium) and Nancy White, Full Circle (USA)
  • Brief description: Many KM4Dev member organizations and networks are looking at developing basic KM/KS4Dev curriculum to build staff/partner/network member capacities. Toolkits already exists but the idea would be to put together a modular capacity building framework - using what is already available and participants' experience - to have a "certified" KM4Dev training process that might be useful as starting point for those wanting to build KM/KS capacities.

This project is a complementary track to the Knowledge Expedition project, which will be collecting practitioner’s experiences through stories, that will illustrate the modules.

  • Current stage: early project development stage
  • Estimated work time needed: 9 hours
  • Output: KM4Dev modular capacity building framework
  • Experience/skills sought in potential collaborators for the project: It would be great to have a mix of people: people who have KM training experience, people who have been asked to develop such training courses and people who have a specific interest in - and clever ideas for - training. It would also nice to have both Northern and Southern-based participants, and we need to have regular interactions with the parallel KE group.
  • Logistical needs: Internet access to access existing resources, participants' laptops.
  • What would you like to see come out from the workshop?
  • Sign-up sheet (to participate in this session, please write ** Your name):
    • Nancy White with an interest in the "connection piece" between this and the Knowledge Expeditions
    • Micheline Chartrand
    • Jane Carter
    • Simone Staiger (I will be mainly in the KE group, but I would like to keep in touch before, during, and after the event)
    • Jennifer Breslin
    • Jaap Pels (I have been developing / facilitating KM workshops)
    • Ewen Le Borgne
    • Petr Kosina
    • Marc Steinlin (I'm involved in the Benchmarking thing, but hope this won't take all the 9 hours)
    • Luca Servo
    • Galina Voytsehovska
    • Ernst Bollinger
    • George de Gooijer

Workshop Process

We had decided in advance to avoid having an overly structured approach to the sessions, instead wanting to see what people wanted to work on during the 9 hours we had together.

Here is what we did in our three, 3-hour blocks:

1st block:

  • Intro - why we chose this group? why capacity building? Start of Nancy's capacity building tree [1]
  • 2 small groups: work on "leaves", the base elements of capacity building. This is one of the groups (yes, we had chocolate)[2]. This group told each other stories and tried to capture the elements that were central to capacity building and wrote them out on the leaves: interactive, contextual + practical, diversity, conscious, benchmarking, learning and ownership.

These are the leaves from the second group [3]. This group told each other stories and wrote them down on individual leaves. Here are the stories in close-up:

2nd block:

  • Shared our small group work from the previous block
  • Open space brainstorm (this is us brainstorming!)[10]: what do we want to work on for the remaining time? What is the burning capacity-building issue?

We clustered our cards into two small groups:

    • Strategic approach to capacity-building (n.b: I don't have notes for this group... please fill in)
    • The recipe people :-) ...most of our metaphors were centered on food. We were trying to come up with ingredients that could help people make their own KM recipe. So we came up with a list of questions that could better lead people to the type of KM capacity development that is right for them (What are the questions that help us select processes and methods?). [11]
  • Met with Knowledge Expeditions folks to share what we have been doing

3rd block:

Workshop outputs and follow-up


In the end, we did not create any KM capacity building modules but we did come up with a framework, i.e. a set of questions on the wiki that might help to guide people trying to build their own/other people's capacity around KM processes and methods. The whole project was also "documented" by Nancy in the capacity building tree:


Here are the follow-up items that we agreed upon (please add if any are missing):

Our creative report-back to full group

Following workshop rules, we reported back to the group in an extremely creative skit led by Mare :-) We unfortunately have no footage of this event but here is a narrative:

"An invitation was sent to all participants to come admire a masterpiece. This fine work of art is housed in the Art gallery, in a dark, quiet room, where you can best admire it. Mare, the gallery keeper, asked the crowd gathered outside the Art gallery to queue up and get their tickets ready to be able to enter and see this beautiful work of art. They were then let in, about 13 people at a time, to admire, comment and ask questions about the masterpiece to the gallery keeper."