Decision on how to move forward

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  • Move forward with the Ning-Dgroups-Mediawiki option
  • Jump in and start working on it now
  • Keep an eye on how the SA workshop platform is working and then review/evaluate in May
  • Josien, Lucie and Peter on developing team, possibly bring in Nancy and Bev (if willing)
  • Sophie and Denise volunteered for testing


  • Contact Michael Roberts to confirm availability (done - he is)
  • Look into Ning content management issues (note: there is apparently a plug-in for documents)

Post-call comments from Core group members

  • Nancy: I'd suggest we invest a bit in updating the wiki, adding the WYSIWYG tool so people can more easily edit, and also invest in a way for people to self register rather than having us create the accounts. There are some plugins for Mediawiki we should investigate. My personal experience w/ Ning is it needs tending to - facilitation, keeping it organized, etc. So we should account for that in some way - volunteer or paid support. otherwise it becomes a mess (like so many things.) Do we have the community bandwidth to support three platforms??? We might want to write something up that positions how we use each tool, and that write up might recognize that Dgroups and its email functionality is our core tool because we have a diverse membership with limited bandwidth, but we also want to provide options to learn to use other tools and allow other functionality.
  • Marc: Want to support strongly Nancy's point that the current interface of MediaWiki is sort of a nuisance - definitely not state of the art... WYSIWYG and some comfortable formatting aids (like toolbars) are a must! There are many editors, ie. TinyMCE is widely spread (eg. popular as a WordPress WYSIWIG editor), software/ platform independent, open source - and it is used already in MediaWikis ( ). Just saw that the TinyMCE MW Extension seems to be unstable ( However, there seem to be other implementations of TinyMCE in MW - and other editors. I found this overview: