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  • Vision upside down looks a bit like noise - meaningful?
  • Our discussion kept coming back to tools

What is vision?

  • a space of possibilities
  • a space to dream
  • a space for trying things out
  • not a vision setting exercise

How can it be generated?

  • keeping space open
  • reflecting and learning from experience and from the future not just looking backwards
  • changing your perspective;

Ideas for tools

  • the anti-future story
  • scenarios , visioning exercises
  • brainstorming, mindmapping and participatory approaches


  • it is about method
  • didn't like the questions; changed them
  • why are voices so important? why is storytelling coming into OL and KM
  • whose voices
  • how to engage with these voices or the stories
  • purpose, legitimacy, images, metaphor, context specific...


  • keeping it alive: the importance is that it is remembered not stored somewhere to be retrieved
  • live memory is most important
  • demand driven; need to think about future demand
  • when would memory be retrieved by whom, how
  • networks are a way to create a live memory; it is less supcetible
  • fed approaches re documenting memories; need a librarian to manage the library
  • many crossovers between people and knwoledge management
  • induction, coaching an dmentoring, handovers
  • wikis and other tools to maintain a live record of ongoing
  • updating cvs online so that my colleagues know about my skills
  • concern about dinasaurs; change to masters


  • linked to memories
  • in certain circumstances, we make mistakes, create wounds
  • if we don't heal, we halt processes
  • how to expose and heal past organisational bounds to enable a productive and friendly environmne
  • landmarks (events that mark our personal history), trust, feedback, forgiveness and slft defence
  • OS, 360 degrees, focused conversation, rituals


  • knowledge adventures, explorations instead of expeditions
  • talked about how you suport, enable make room for wise decision making
  • one minute of silence


  • changed to 'seeing ripples'
  • how can you make the process more visible, making the messy people stuff more visible
  • long list of tools, methods to assess the impact and understand the process; analysing and documenting processes as you go, capturing sotries, comments on a white board, wiki, diary, depends on the org
  • include the analysis of the process into project proposals
  • assembling evidence not only around impact and results but also being transparent, expliciti about issues
  • 8 day course; website according to the themes

Fire of the field

  • fire was understood as passion; important element, concluded that managemement neesd to be immersed
  • passion needs some management; also need elements like planning, self-critism


  • drawn because we are facilitating communities; already shared values, aspriations etc
  • talked about trust which led us to a discussion of the size factor
  • important to understand value
  • signs of a healthy community
  • tried to get practical in terms of what worked and didnt' work and a conversation aroudn facilitation
  • recognition;
  • difference between public and private spaces
  • incentives to participate, usefullness of lurkers
  • games and having fun to reinforce identity

Is this an activity for KM4Dev? Is it a space for learning and ks issues could cross?

  • much of what was on the table was intra-organisation but discussion today is external; ttension
  • thought healing was wonderful, could truths be added in with healing in glue
  • another set of questions, parallel things are happening, getting overloaded with some many things; which way to go
  • quite a bit of overlap with what was discussed;
  • reframing is quite good; surfacing of 6 or 7 ?? is a powerful way to do the next round of sharing and learning; talking about the outcome and future; love the idea of explorations, more the image of getting into the forest
  • reflects what I have been thinking; untied ends; how important is it to tie things together? what we are experiencing here is what I experience with my colleagues
  • important to move towards the clusters; organising it in someway would be useful; mmaking the links to tools, case studies
  • reminds me of the idea of invitation; themes are very inviting for my style so the challenge is what invitation do we accept; in our three days there are many invitations; which do we want to accept collectively or individually
  • how useful would it be to have feedback online of what we took away from the workshop to find out what people engaged with
  • Camilo joins the party
  • what are we learning from these workshops; what does km4dev do itselft ie. storytelling approach to pick up on what people have used are using from this ie. river of life
  • years ago put out a call on the list asking people how km4dev has helped you; perhaps it is time to put out a call for stories
  • contacted 2 weeks after the event to feedback; what are your refelctions? can we quote you on this? use of the tools? to provide evidence from the event and increases the impact of the event
  • one page report shared with everyone
  • we are leaving traces; some we leave, some we take out to other people, how do you make these traces available to people outside the community
  • not about recording obssesively (sounds difficult and time consuming)