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Archive Meeting Notes

Since end 2016 the Core Group started to introduce monthly Skype meetings. These are documented on Google Drive

KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2015-06-088 June 2015Our June meeting addressed transparency around our new donation mechanism, a 2016 face-to-face meeting in Cali, the need for a larger pool of volunteers to facilitate the Dgroups listserv, and scheduling our next core group meeting.
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2015-03-044 March 2015Second in the monthly 2015 KM4Dev Core Group Skype meetings to review actions since last month and discuss emerging issues for the community
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2015-01-2323 January 2015First Core Group meeting of the new year that kept up the momentum of monthly skype calls
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2014-12-011 December 2014Second meeting in a new series of Core Group Skype sessions aiming at relaunching and intensifying Core Group work. See agenda for topics.
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2014-11-033 November 2014Welcoming Colleagues + Discussing Commitments; Where is the Core Group with some leaving and joining, Revisiting the Futures discussions and what to do as next steps, Payment System via Helvetas
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2013-05-2929 May 2013
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2013-04-3030 April 2013
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2013-04-1515 April 2013
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2012-12-077 December 2012
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2012-10-2929 October 2012
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-12-022 December 2011Discussion of KM4Dev 2012 project workplan with IFAD
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-09-2121 September 2011KM4Dev 2011 planning (SF event, cozy corner, CG meeting & dinner, main event)
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-09-1212 September 2011KM4Dev 2011 planning
KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-06-066 June 2011More about future planning, funding, annual meeting ideas and core group function
KM4Dev Core group Skype meeting29 April 2011A conversation about the functioning, governance and particularly payment for the work of the core group.

Notes from previous meetings are archived in the KM4Dev's on dGroups mailing list.