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To Whom it May Concern,

This letter confirms that Helvetas, Swiss Association for International Cooperation, on behalf of the KM4Dev Community and with the support of SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), will provide XXXX XXXXXX ( yyyy country passport number, 'the participant') with the funding necessary to participate in the upcoming meeting of the international KM4Dev Community of Practice from 18-21 June 2008, to be held at the Pousada de Juventude Hostel, Quinta do Bucelinho - Pragal 2805-358, Almada, Portugal.

Helvetas will be responsible for all expenses associated with the participant's visit to Portugal, including:

1) Return economy class airfare from the XXXXX airport, city xx, country yy, to Lisbon

2) Visa fees for Portugal (if applicable)

3) Airport transfer costs (i.e., local travel costs between the participant's place of residence and his/her nearest international airport, and between the Pousada de Juventude and Lisbon airport)

4) Costs of accommodation and meals at the workshop venue during the participant's visit

Helvetas will:

  • Purchase the return economy class air ticket (once we receive confirmation a visa has been issued)
  • Pay the accommodation charges directly to the Pousada de Juventude on behalf of the participant
  • Provide the participant with funds to cover the costs of meals at the Pousada de Juventude for the duration of the participant's visit
  • Provide the participant with funds to cover the costs associated with visa fees and airport transfers

If any further information is required from Helvetas with respect to the participant's visa application, please contact Dr. Riff Fullan, Coordinator, Knowledge Management, by telephone or email as listed below.

Best regards,

Riff Fullan Coordinator, Knowledge Management KM4Dev 2008 Workshop Committee Tel.: +41 44 368 6535 Email: