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See the original thread of this E-Discussion on D-Groups

Richard Sleight, 2009/03/19

Hi All

Does anyone have any links or resources they could share for examples or ideas about symbols/cartoons/animations that represent abstract ideas such as:

  • voices
  • ideas
  • listening
  • advocacy
  • sharing
  • participation
  • collaboration
  • knowledge
  • different perspectives (like the elephant from different sides?)
  • group discussion
  • international discussions
  • climate change
  • etc.

Trying not to be country or region specific, any advice would be great (the project is to make an animation around participatory media, indigenous media).

Suguna Sri, 2009/03/20

Dear Richard,

I very much like the idea of representing abstract concepts in symbols and cartoons.

Usually I find good ones in Google or I sketch them myself.

You can view some pictures on the subject

I hope this is in tune with what you need.

Paul Mundy, 2009/03/24

The guidelines below from The Rapid eLearning Blog might come in useful for those looking for simple artwork. See also my site for some more.

Peter J. Bury, 2009/03/25

Wow Paul, thanks so much, this is a great resource!

Gabriele Sani, 2009/03/26

Excellent resource indeed!

A _very_ nice library of royalty- free images can be found Most of them are available also as vectorial images, in .svg format, ready to be used with the wonderful inkscape. I strongly recommend it for the artistically-inclined... and even to those who are not (inkscape can convert bmp to vectorial images, thus you can easily create svg from pictures)