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Peter Bury, 2010/5/13

Dear all

The km4dev coregroup is assessing whether or not to stay on Ning (issue came up due to Ning's wavering to pay or not to pay policy). I think we could benefit from a km4dev wide discussion on this.

One attempt to compare social networking facilities is here:

I'll share some more resources after this one, Peter

Peter Bury, 2010/5/13

A slightly less structured overview of Ning alternatives on this google document:

Ciao, Peter

Peter Bury, 2010/5/13

And finally this contribution by Robin Good on Ning alternatives

So the discussion is about: should remain on Ning (paid and asking members to contribute) or consider an alternative platform?

Look forwa

Johannes Schunter, 2010/5/13

Hi Peter,

Thanks si much for both of these useful docs. Great overview over the current SN app market. With regards to KM4Dev, what i guess is missing in the table below is whether our backuped Ning profiles can be imported into any of the other platforms.


Gabriele Sani, 2010/5/13


I have 500 messages unread, thus I hope I am not proposing something that has already been discarded... but let's go Drupal!! It beats hands down any prepackaged SN site in terms of features and customization, and the cost would be just the hosting. The KM4Dev team will own all the data, and will be able to replicate/migrate the server to a new system or hosting provider in the future, if needed. No ads, not license agreements, and I will receive less marriage proposals, too! (it could also become a template for a KM-specific Drupal installation available to all members)

I can help with the setup, if you do not want it done before yesterday. ;)


Peter Bury, 2010/5/13

To all about Ning. Sorry if I caused some confusion. Nancy White indicated to me that we are already paying for Ning, which I didn't know. Hence we are not considering changing platforms.

However for those of you who run Ning platforms the shared info may still be useful ;-).

Waving (not as in Google, but as in Nancy)