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Summary of activity for July 2014

'Here is the summary that was prepared by the July 2014 moderation team'. See the original email: [1]

As we are closing in on August and the changing of the guard - for the administration of the KM4Dev mailing list - is about to happen, find hereby an overview of what happened in July, on the mailing list and on Ning, in terms of conversations/resources, new members (and their orientation) and what happens next month...

Sorry if this is a bit long...

Conversations and resources

The following conversations took place (from most recent to least recent - links drive to you the corresponding KM4Dev Dgroup page) - and in bold are the active conversations (7+ messages): Invitacion Evento en Castellano :: Cafe-LAB del conocimiento Online CIMMYT is hiring Knowledge Creation in Multi-stakeholder processes: spaces for change TODAY #DIEK4D Workshop methodologies for identifying good/emerging practices Summer re-reads .... Visualizing Reasoning - Book of Bad Arguments How the World bank learns The Future of KM4Dev and Stakeholder Engagement Many thanks for the responses Question What do you call what you do? If you don't call it KM... Knowledge Management for Development Journal: ANY ABSTRACT WELCOME for special issue on 'Facilitation for development' (May 2015) job opportunity Masterclass KM in six presentations Hereby the 'monoposts' with only one post and no reply (it could have been a missed opportunity): GHKC Webinar Tomorrow July 23, 2014 @ 12pm ET | GHKC Webinar Series: Taxonomy 101 and earlier again Book review: KM4D Domains, Strategies and Technologies for Developing Countries The Information Society Is In Crisis and What To Do About It KM what's in a name, a great post by Stan Garfield on LinkedIn KM dead? No more KM4Dev needed? Oh and what about the call for standards (remember?) On scaling-up .... Interesting Resource: Service Design Tools Repository How do you share learning when you're busy doing? Re: Interesting Resource: Service Design Tools Repository On Ning, a couple of new resources appeared: Diversity and Socio-economic impact of Jatropha Curcas plant to livelihood change Searching for the platform And one new blog post: What is facilitation, and how can it add value?

People (new members) They have joined us this month (on the Dgroup): Allyson Krupar Casper Knudsen Abigail Moy Alan Mossman Ehma Mundzai James Breithaupt Martin Gilbraith Hildegarddebingen David Friedman Biswo Nat Ghimire David Williams Sarah Burns Sue Griffey Helke Waelde ...and brought our members count to 1949 on Dgroups!

And on Ning (sometimes they are the same as above): TOTOBESOLA-BARBIER MIREILLE Allyson Krupar farrukh jaleel Nicole Styler Harker Katharina Schiller Richard Chilvers Vaidehi Krishnan Ehsan Mamundzai Muhammed Kamal Aisiri Adolor Albert Martin Gilbraith Kevin A. Flanagan Lynette Friedman Abigail Moy Lorine Ghabranious NAYAO KOMLAN KOFFI Jorge Sanguinetty Tarek CHEHIDI Fatima M Shehu Biswo Nath Ghimire Bonosree Sarker Jackie Greene Itumeleng Ramano Erick Gankam Tambo Steffen Lorenz Juliana Iregbu Joshua Dankoff Guédon, Jean-Claude Amar Raj Sharma Ghimire Laureene Reeves Ndagire Shanti Kandel Prakash Vikram Basyal Saleemul Huq Sarah Pouezevara Leigh Dowsett Irene de Leon Eunji Choi That's now an impressive 3845 members on Ning!

Welcome to you all!

We don't really have an orientation package, but this page is perhaps as good as it gets at the moment (in addition to posting questions on this list and talking to any member and particular core group members to figure out what KM4Dev is all about):

Next month In August, your 'gentils organisateurs' (GO's) for the month will be Reza Salim and Nancy White. Ha ha, they were also your GO's for July, so you're in good hands ;)

Keep on learning, reflecting and sharing your practices, thoughts and feelings :) Best,

The July admin team

Summary for core group for September 2012

Bruce Kisitu and Ewen Le Borgne facilitated the KM4Dev list in September. This short summary explains what happened, what we noticed and what we would suggest to move forward and improve monthly rotating facilitation:

What happened

Between 1 September and 28 September 12, 2pm CET:

  • 65 messages were posted on the list
  • We received 41 membership requests, of which:
    • 27 were approved
    • 12 were not approved (kept as ‘non confirmed email addresses’)
    • 2 were deleted
  • Two ‘focused conversations’ were started, which probably added up to the intensity of the month (as confessed by Bruce in comparison with past experiences).

Bruce and Ewen had an initial chat on 10 September to agree on how they would facilitate the month , what they would try to do and when they would (not) be available i.e. rely on the other person. They had a summary chat on 28 September to tease lessons out, forming the basis for this write-up.

What we observed

  • There was one French/English announcemen for slightly commercial purpose: we asked the person to put the announcement on Ning events + to explain why the event makes sense for KM4Dev (add a cover rationale rather than just send the announcement to the list).
  • The procedure to clear membership requests supposedly requires pending members to share a short bio synopsis. That synopsis is however not shared with the wider group, only admin which mean a) little visibility and b) makes the system more cumbersome. How to go about this? We kept on asking the new members to introduce themselves anyhow.
  • Some messages shared are very technical / complicated, which may prevent some members from engaging. We agreed that either of us would ask questions to help clarify the technical inputs for everyone.

What we recommend to improve monthly facilitation

Upon observing the existing facilitation and membership set up, we did the following to improve On the mailing list:

  • We edited ‘welcome’ message to include links to the Ning page and to the wiki.
  • We posted a message explaining what concurrent conversations were taking place on the KM4Dev Ning in the meantime.

On the wiki:

On Ning:

  • Answered occasional questions from people posting blog posts etc. and directed them (to post events on the relevant section and to post questions under ‘blog posts’ rather than under ‘resources’.
  • Added a blog post with link to the wiki page ‘what can you do in/for KM4Dev?’
  • Urged people who posted on Ning to post also on the Dgroup.

Generally, we recommend the following:

  • Ask questions when there’s too much jargon to avoid putting people off – paraphrase / facilitate discussions…
  • Ask people who share announcements to explain why these announcements matter for KM4Dev members.
  • Get in touch with one another (among monthly facilitators) upfront and at the end, to ensure good cooperation and bouncing of ideas.
  • Copy each other in on sensitive emails re: messages shared or membership requests (to let the other know the status).
  • Link up platforms by making sure that people interacting on only one of them are aware of the other(s).
  • Do one round-up of activity on the Ning (and possibly the wiki) to share on the mailing list – the other way around is arguably not necessary since all messages on the mailing list are displayed on the Ning home page.
  • All core group members to link up their Ning profile page from the core group list.
  • Summarize ideas in a write-up like this one at the end, to help subsequent monthly facilitators.

And we still wonder how to go about Dgroups profile for new members. Any idea? In the meantime, Bruce and Ewen had a great time and had much learning from this experience!

Standard messages (templates)

To confirm an email address for a pending member

Dear xx mail address (or name if there): I am writing to you on behalf on the KM4dev community, as this month's administrator. Many thanks for your request to join the community. Please write a short sentence about yourself and why you would like to join. Thank you for understanding that this is necessary to keep the mailing list free of spam and people who may want to join to use the list for advertisement. A very brief text will suffice, and then we will be glad to welcome you. Best,