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Nhamo Samasuwo, 2008/11/13


I work for a government development agency in Pretoria and am looking for some brilliant ideas on how to involve staff in generating innovative ideas for the organisation. We have set aside a small budget to run a pilot project on the subject and we really would like to make a good start based on your experiences

Tony Pryor, 2008/11/13

Are you looking for innovative ideas that are focused on the way your ugency runs, or innovative ideas to fund?

In terms of the former, I thought the initial approach the World Bank mad for their Innovation Marketplace was clever; winners got both a small prize but more important they received the organizational space to set the innovation flourish within their office. A combination of PR and agreement from their supervisor not to let the idea die.

Also, I wonder if folk have any ideas on how to harness the approach to innovation that firms like 3M had, but for the public sector?

Nhamo Samasuwo, 2008/11/14

Thanks Tony,

I suppose at this state we are looking for both approaches i.e. operational and development programme specific innovations. We would like to have as many options as possible for a start. The WB and M3 case studies certainly sound interesting. I will certainly make some follow up.

Stephen Katz, 2008/11/14

At FAO, together will the other Rome-based international organizations (WFP, IFAD, CGIAR, Bioversity International) we are organizing and hosting a Knowledge "ShareFair" in January 2009, where we are expecting the participating of over 1500 staff from the institutions involved.

This will be a unique occasion to showcase innovation, and examples where knowledge sharing approaches have achieved results and made impact. We are also thinking about some kind of prize for the best proposals.

Emmie Wade, 2008/11/14

Dear Nhamo,

Here at The African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), we have introduced an informal session we simply call "Conversations." Once in three months staff members take turns to share with colleagues a unique tool or a new way of doing business better and how to work smarter in order to achieve our goal which is; Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction in Africa.

The staff member is encouraged and supported to use ICTs and is also at liberty to experiment. "Conversations" is conducted like a Learning Laboratory where colleagues have time to master a specific skill or gain a fuller understanding of a specific concept. We have just had one on Capacity Building; The Changing Face of Capitalism. This was of course in view of the curent credit crunch.

I hope you find these ideas useful.

The African Capacity Building Foundation, Zimbabwe.

Nhamo Samasuwo, 2008/11/14

Thanks Emmie,

I will certainly follow that up.

Giulio Quaggiotto, 2008/11/14

Hi Nhamo,

As a complement to Tony's suggestion - have you thought of prediction markets? This is a tool that is gaining increasing popularity iniside organisations who want to tap into the "wisdom of the crowds" among their staff - and beyond. See the articles below for some examples.