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See the original thread of this E-Discussion on D-Groups

Meghendra Banerjee, 2009/12/09

Hi All,

We at Solution Exchange ( are trying to develop a Keyword based Search/Browse System for Products generated through interactions in communities of practice. We have narrowed it down to three levels - Levels 1 and 2 as categories and and Level 3 as user generated Keywords.

I was wondering if there are references, guidelines or industry standards i could look at...and of course looking forward to your comments on developing a simplistic design (trying to avoid a complex overkill).

My concerns include ways of attaching tags; categorising them and cleaning them to achieve a workable cross reference with People, Products and Forums.

Where can we go wrong?


Tom Zeppenfeldt, 2009/12/09

We succesfully used an approach based on hierarchical tagging of documents/persons/organisations/Q&A/news/events , and creating a full text search (based on Apache SolR and Tiki) combined with "faceted search". Short but steep learning curve though :) but the result was a platform that allows for cross-item full text searches as well as item-specific down-drilling through many keyword "layers".

Meghendra Banerjee, 2009/12/11

hi tom .. looks interesting and relevant to our work ... can we get a sneak peek?

we are using a liferay alfresco combine... any experience in the community?

Tom Zeppenfeldt, 2009/12/11

Hi Meghendra,

I just put some screenshots online in a pdf. Sorry I had to cover some parts of it.

Grant Ballard-Tremeer, 2009/12/11

Dear Tom

It looks very interesting.

Do I understand correctly that it is open source and based on Tikiwiki? Is your search integration with Solr, which has been on Tiki's wishlist for a while, available and if so where does one find it?

Tom Zeppenfeldt, 2009/12/11

Hi Grant,

Well, the platform is custom built for one of our customers, so it is not publicly available / downloadable.

Where possible we used open source components and technology : MySQL, Solr, Tiki at the back-end and frontend in MVC in combination with extjs components to create a rich application layer.

We created the Solr integration ourselves, mainly because of the fact that we needed clever handling of hierarchical tagsets in combination with authorisations on individual content items.