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Chris Burman, 2010/6/1

Hi –

I am involved with a research project called: the Community-University Partnership Programme in South Africa that involves critically exploring Community Engagement at rurally –based universities. Over the last few days I have looked for ways of evaluating the different types of partnerships involved with these activities [the process of partnerships and the impacts – costs / benefits of partnerships] and am surprised by the relative lack of ideas out there.

Does anybody have useful links or ideas about ‘evaluating partnerships’?

With kind regards


Chris Burman (PhD) The Development Facilitation and Training Institute (DevFTI) University of Limpopo

Mohamed Taher, 2010/6/1

Chris: I think the problem you have is about the terminology (key words), I would prefer googling:

  • allintitle:business academic partnership
  • allintitle:business academia partnership
  • allintitle:corporate academic partnership

Similarly, there are other keywords that you need to consider industry academic / company academic / industry and educational partnership Library of congress subject heading is:

  • Academic-industrial collaboration

There may be many other variations in library of congress and other business / academic libraries.

Best regards, Dr. Mohamed Taher, Toronto

Michael Gurstein, 2010/6/1

Hi Chris and all,

There has been a formal program here in Canada for funding/facilitating Community-University Research Partnerships (CURA). I'm not sure if they've done formal research evaluating these partnerships but it might be worthwhile to check with them.

Mike Michael Gurstein, Ph.D. Director: Centre for Community Informatics Research, Development and Training (CCIRDT) Vancouver, CANADA

Cape Town, SA (in conjunction with Izandla Zethu SA)

George de Gooijer, 2010/6/1

Hej Chris,

there is a project called unibrain, financed by Denmark, that focusses on supporting projects proposed by the private sector and universities together. The project is in its starting phase, if i understood it correctly (it was launched last January).

You may want to contact the responsible person in Nairobi: Aissetou Dramé Yayé (



Kim Tucker, 2010/6/1

Hi Chris and all,

Some years ago, as I think you know (?), an initiative was seeded on social entrepreneurship intended to facilitate collaboration across sectors. At the time a wiki/portal was set up for students:

The project has since moved in a different direction (follow the EVOKE link) but there may be some resources that are useful and the social entrepreneurship portal is still there for anyone to use and even take over.

Among the resources is a draft framework for evaluation (or "valuation"):

The approach was not used in that project, but again, it is a "libre" resource: you are free to copy, edit, enhance and adapt it to your needs.

Hope that helps


Laxmi Pant, 2010/6/1

Dear Chris,

In addition to SSHRC's CURA program suggested by Michael, it would be worth exploring the following alliance as well. This is also a Canadian initiative.

There is a UNU-MERIT Discussion Paper forthcoming in this area. I will point to it as soon as it is available.

Thank you,


Cristina Sette, 2010/6/1

Hi All,

I particularly recommend the recently published publication

There are some interesting references in the page that directs you to some methodologies for partnership evaluation.

Cheers Cris