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Nancy 2012/07/03

I was doing my moderating duties today and on NING, we keep getting many people joining. I think we need to consider raising the flag a bit over there as well. We may actually have two almost separate cohorts. Not sure, but worth paying some attention to?

Peter 2012/07/05

Now this is an interesting, and probably close to reality, constatation by Nancy, worth a discussion here on how to steward this!

Neil 2012/07/05

The existence of KM4Dev as a Dgroup and as a Ning group provides a valuable learning opportunity for us, both as KM4Dev members and as students of CoP dynamics and technology platforms.

It would be great to hear more from Nancy and others about their observations. For example, we have heard that growth on the Ning group is faster than on the Dgroup, but what seem to be the underlying reasons for this - is the Ning group more 'findable'/visible? is the Ning group being actively promoted? Even more interesting would be to compare the two groups as regards:

1. membership - numbers, geography, professional background, interests. Are there obvious differences between the two groups? How much is there in the way of dual membership?

2. discussions - number of messages, topics discussed, type of message, and quality/depth of discussion (this last variable is clearly difficult to measure, but one might say that this current KM4Dev Dgroup has a lot of high-quality, reflective contributions - is this observed also on the Ning group, or are the discussions different and if so, how?

Another interesting variable to compare is the percentage of members on each group who contribute to the discussions.

Nancy (and others moderating K4Dev groups), I would be really interested to learn from your observations.

On a related point, who are the main drivers of the KM4Dev Dgroup and the KM4Dev Ning group, and do they collaborate proactively, looking at how to maximise the potential of the two groups individually and collectively?